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30 Best Personality Quiz Questions to Know Anyone Better

Best Personality Quiz Questions

Remember, as kids, when we used to read comics, how exciting it was to take quizzes that told us which superhero we were the most like? 

We’d go on answering one personality quiz question after another and ultimately reach the quiz outcome. Then, we’d run around boasting about our results.

Well, the curiosity to learn more about ourselves is just as strong in the digital age.

Marketers are capitalizing on this tendency by using online personality quizzes to engage, research, and convert audiences.

Believe it or not, personality questions can make people pause and ponder even as attention spans grow increasingly short.

who you really are?

Personality quizzes are fun and act as a good tool to engage people while also allowing you the opportunity to capture their information for lead generation. 

If you’ve been thinking about creating a personality quiz for your business but aren’t sure what questions you should include, then you’ve landed right where you need to be. We have a list of 25 personality quiz questions that you can use and customize for any industry.

But, before we do that, you must also learn about the different types of personality questions that exist to make a wise choice when picking from the list. So, real quick, let’s look at the types. 

What Are the Different Types of Personality Questions?

There are three types of personality quiz questions:

  • Statement-Based Questions

Statement-based questions ask the quiz-takers for their agreement over a statement. They are useful when the intent is to collect quantifiable data and can be seen in popular personality tests, such as the Caliper Profile and the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire.

Here’s a typical example of a statement question: 

My best work is achieved under pressure.

How much do you agree with the above statement?

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree 
  • Agree 
  • Strongly agree
  • Closed-Ended Questions

In closed-ended questions, the quiz-taker must answer by selecting from a set of answer options instead of crafting the response themselves.

For example:

What would you do if you have trouble understanding an assigned project?

  • Review my notes 
  • Ask coworkers for help
  • Ask the supervisor for clarification
  • Request a deadline extension
  • Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions are among the most common question types used in interviews and personality assessments. These questions require quiz-takers to answer in their own words. The information gathered from such questions can tell a lot about the quiz-takers’ views, opinions, and thought processes. 

For example: 

What are your thoughts on gender fluidity?

All of these types of personality quiz questions are worth considering. Including a mix of these can help you get the desired results.

Hop on to the next section to discover the various scenarios where you can ask personality questions.

Reasons to Ask Personality Questions

Personality questions can reveal a lot about someone’s preferences, life choices, likes & dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and much more. 

Personality is seen as a contributing factor to happy relationships, good work performance, successful careers, networking, and more. 

People want to know whether they would do well in different spheres of their lives. So, they are forever curious about getting a deeper understanding of their personality and finding out what makes them tick. 

No wonder there seem to be thousands of personality quizzes doing the rounds on the web.



Want to understand how to leverage personality questions? Check out this list below, where we’ve listed some of the most common reasons why you should be asking personality questions:

  • Gain Customer Insights


Personality questions used in online quizzes are a great way to reveal your customers’ personality traits which can help you gain valuable insights.

With personality questions, you can establish a good understanding of the segment of your audience that you need to target for specific marketing campaigns. 

For example, with quizzes such as What Laptop Should I Buy? & What Is the Perfect Gift for Your Best Friend?, you can easily learn about your audiences’ tastes & preferences. 

You can also use such quizzes to recommend products

For example, if you’re a lifestyle blogger, you can ask your audience questions, such as the ones below, to learn about their travel preferences and recommend a travel package:

  • What is your favorite way to travel?
  • Which store would you be most likely to shop at?
  • What’s your go-to airport look?
  • Maintain a Connect With Audience

Maintain a Connect With Audience

Personality questions uncover a part of your personality that is already known to you and justify it. When it comes to connecting with your audience, what works best is an organic conversation

The more they know about you, the more likely they will connect with you on an engaging level.

On several occasions, we’ve seen celebrities taking a personality quiz themselves and sharing their results with their audiences. For example:

  1. To know about his marriage readiness and share it with his fans, popular YouTuber PewDiePie took a quiz titled “Before You Get Married” by marriage.com. He took the quiz with his partner right after getting engaged and shared it with his fans at a time when they were going crazy trying to know more about the couple.

Marriage Advice by Marriage.com

2. Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp took online quizzes about himself to let his fans know more about him.

3. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West quizzed each other on home design, family, and life for Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel.

Audiences love content that evokes curiosity and promotes a feeling of belongingness. With personality quizzes, you open that window for your audience through which they get to know more about you. Or, you get to know more about them from them.

Depends on who’s quizzing who. It’s like getting to know each other on a first date and choosing whether to see the person again or not. 

When audiences get to know you through personality quizzes, they get an idea of your traits, preferences, your stance on a particular situation and more insights that help them engage and connect.

No wonder personality quizzes work like magic

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  • Learn About Employee Behavior

Your employees’ personality plays a crucial role in their overall organizational behavior. How they think, feel, and react impacts many aspects of the workplace.


As an employer, you can understand your employees’ traits and learn a lot about their organizational behavior by asking them various personality questions. 

Questions about personality can help identify your employees’ potential strengths and weaknesses, and the answers to those questions can help you shape your employees’ roles within the teams. 

For example, learning that someone is good at delegating tasks can mean that they’d be a good fit for being a team lead, while someone who loves to work with people could be a great manager.

Similarly, you can use a personality quiz to find out employees’ conflict management styles and use that knowledge to effectively train them on conflict resolution skills

Here are some examples of personality questions that you can ask your employees:

  • What motivates you to get your job done?
  • Do you feel connected to your teammates?
  • Do you believe that teams are aligned?

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  • Assess Candidates’ Personality

Personality questions also play a key role in assessing job candidates. Pre-employment personality tests help ensure that the candidate has the right temperament for the role and would fit in with the company’s work culture. 


Besides behavioral traits, you can also use personality questions to reveal a lot of other information about the candidate, such as their team-building skills, ideologies, morals, guiding principles, and more. 

Important note: Always ensure that your personality test questions are related to the role you’re hiring for and consistent with a business necessity. Also, avoid using personality tests as the sole hiring criteria or a screening tool. Instead, use them to complement other recruitment assessment methods and make face-to-face or video interviews more effective.

Here are some examples of personality questions used for hiring: 

  • Tell me about a difficult situation at work and how you dealt with it
  • Describe your experience of working with someone whose style and personality were different from yours
  • Have there been times when you have gone above and beyond?

Here you’ll find some interesting questions to ask in a video interview to easily assess candidates’ personalities, friendliness, team spirit, approach to resolving workplace conflicts, and more. 

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So, now that we’ve laid the groundwork let’s jump into our list of the best personality questions you can use to build personality quizzes, tests, or assessments according to your needs.

List of Personality Revealing Questions

These questions are from real-life examples and can be used to generate leads via audience engagement or build better teams. Each question you see here is meant to help you learn about quiz-takers’ mindsets, desires, motivations, goals, lifestyles, preferences, and more.

By including these personality questions in your quiz, you’ll help quiz-takers move through your quiz with ease as they select their perfect-fit answers. 

Well, here goes the list:

  1. You seek out new experiences. You love to explore and try fun, new things.
  • Strongly Agree 
  • Agree 
  • Not Sure
  • Disagree

What this question reveals: How open a person is to try new things 

2. You prefer discussing your ideas with others rather than forming them inside your head.

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Not Sure
  • Disagree

What this question reveals: If the person can welcome perceptions other than their own

3. Should a person be provided with: 

  • A reason to behave
  • A cause to behave

What this question reveals: A person’s righteousness and how they justify behavior

4. If you were a manager to your employees, you would: 

  • Make your employees perform regardless of moral consequences if it means a more effective organization.
  • Understand that your employees are rational beings that are not defined by their physical performance but by their mental dexterity in providing efficient results.
  • Evaluate them solely according to empirical measurements and statistical analysis.
  • Frequently meet your employees by devolving power to the lowest level, get beyond rational analysis, experiment, seek and try out new ideas, talk the walk and walk the talk.

What this question reveals: A person’s managerial potential by putting them in a hypothetical situation

5. If a tough guy pushes you, what would be your reaction?

  • Think it was a joke and nudge him back
  • Walk away without talking
  • Get annoyed and push him back
  • Start a fight with him

What this question reveals: A person’s ability to handle another person’s unpleasant actions

6. I get energy from meeting new people.

  • This is a lot like me
  • This is somewhat like me
  • This is not much like me
  • This is not at all like me

What this question reveals: How introverted or extroverted a person is 


7. Which music best describes you?

  • Classical
  • R&B
  • Opera

What this question reveals: A person’s taste in music

You can use quizzes with such personality-type questions to market a certain product to the quiz-takers or simply know them.

8. What kind of weather do you prefer?

  • Long snowy winters, with pleasantly warm summers. A short change of seasons.
  • Hot in summer and moderate in winter. A good change of seasons.
  • Hot, humid summers and pretty cold winters with a moderate amount of snow.
  • No change of seasons. Always pretty warm and sunny.

What this question reveals: The answer to this question can help real estate listing websites offer prospects homes according to their preferred weather.

9. What do you do in your spare time?

  • Martial Arts
  • Read
  • Do anything active (preferably with friends)
  • Hang out with friends
  • Watch TV/play video games
  • Pamper myself

What this question reveals: How a person chooses to spend their free time, which is a very good indicator of their personality type

10. When making decisions, I:

  • Am willing to make unpopular decisions, even when others disagree
  • Try to find a solution that everyone agrees with and is happy with
  • Tend to make them by myself

What this question reveals: This question can help managers and recruiters assess a person’s leadership style and potential to decide if they would make a good fit for a particular leadership role. 


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11. What sounds most appealing to you?

  • Going to a sports game, going to a bar, then going to see a movie.
  • Going to the beach, going clubbing, and relaxing in the pool.
  • Going to a sibling’s sports game, going to a bar, and chilling on the stoop with friends and family.
  • Going to a museum, eating some ethnic cuisine, going clubbing, and then retreating to a fancy dinner party.

What this question reveals: What kind of activities a person likes to engage in when given a few options to choose from

It is also a good indicator of how a person would prioritize different activities.

12. What do you need to work on?

  • Anger
  • Laziness
  • Staying Calm
  • Patience
  • Being Social
  • Being Aggressive

What this question reveals: How a person identifies their human attributes

The answer to this personality quiz question is a good indicator of a person’s self-awareness.

13. How do you prefer to commute to work?

  • Walk
  • Subway or bus
  • Always drive
  • Drive with public transportation

What this question reveals: This question simply tells you about a person’s commuting preferences. How they choose to commute to work can tell if they are environmentally aware, cautious of their commuting expenses, etc.

14. How clean of a person would you rate yourself?

  • Very clean
  • Moderately clean
  • Somewhat sloppy
  • I am so messy and sloppy. It’s sick

What this question reveals: How hygienic a person is

This revelation can be important if you’re marketing hygiene products, looking to date the person, or hiring them!

This question can also have the “Monica-level clean” as an answer option (if you know, you know)!

15. Which of the following best describes you?

  • I gain satisfaction from my ability to persuade others
  • Try to find a solution that everyone agrees with and is happy with
  • I like to be alone most of the time

What this question reveals: This personality quiz question reveals whether a person has the right mindset for making it in the sales world.


16. What is your ideology about the ‘afterlife’?

  • We are reincarnated until we reach enlightenment.
  • In the next life, I will be with God in paradise.
  • Reincarnation unless you achieve a state where you are free of the cycle of birth and death, joy and pain.
  • Heaven
  • It’s bullsh#%t!
  • Maybe there is one, or maybe there isn’t
  • There probably isn’t an afterlife

What this question reveals: A person’s spiritual beliefs

17. What is your opinion on abortion?

  • Pro-life
  • Pro-choice
  • Not sure

What this question reveals: This is an important question that can tell a lot about a person’s thoughts on advocating or not advocating women’s legal rights.

18. Would you care what people say to you?

  • No, I don’t care
  • Of course!
  • I would care and try to make up with them
  • It depends on the person

What this question reveals: If a person is bothered by others’ opinions of them

It can help you figure out if they are a people pleaser, a people hater, or simply don’t bother about what anyone says to them.

19. How important is culture in your life? (for example, visiting museums, art galleries, eating ethnic food, etc.)

  • Very important. I believe in art and culture. I live by it.
  • I have a sense of appreciation for culture. But I don’t find it really important.
  • Important, but I can live without it.
  • I have nothing to do with culture.

What this question reveals: This question can tell a lot about a person’s lifestyle as people exhibit attitudes and values directly from their cultural influence.

20. If you didn’t have to work, what would you prefer doing?


What this question reveals: This open-ended question reveals a person’s passions. Recruiters can use this question to get insights into a candidate’s personality and general attitude.


How important are sports in your life?

21. How important are sports in your life?

  • I play one particular sport every day. I also watch various kinds of sports.
  • I play some sports once in a while. It is good for your health.
  • I neither watch sports nor do I like to play.
  • I only watch others playing on TV.

What this question reveals: A person’s inclination toward sports

People who like sports mostly thrive better in a team environment than those who don’t.

22. If you had to do something you didn’t like, would you lose or try doing it for your team? 

  • I wouldn’t do it at first, but in a little bit, I’d do it.
  • Definitely not. It will ruin something of mine!
  • I don’t have any fear, well…
  • NO WAY

What this question reveals: How much team spirit a person has and if they’re willing to do something they don’t like for their team

23. How do you define your work desk?

  • Messy
  • Somewhat organized
  • Well settled
  • None of these

What this question reveals: A quiz-taker’s answer to this question would tell how they’d like their work desk to be, which is a great indicator of their organizational skills.

24. Your ideal career would consist of:

  • Structure and order
  • Action and variety
  • Mastery and achievement
  • Kindness and consideration

What this question reveals: How a person wants their career to be

This question can be really helpful for recruiters and hiring managers looking to hire the right candidate.

25. Are you frequently running behind in life? Are you always late for meetings, late for your family, or late for friends?

  • Always
  • Sometimes
  • Never

What this question reveals: This personality quiz question sheds light on how good a person’s time management skills are. Professional and personal development coaches can use this question for their lead-generation quizzes.


26. Which of these things do you avoid in your career?

  • Disorganization
  • Incompetency
  • Routine
  • Insincerity

What this question reveals: A lot about someone’s professional values

What people choose to avoid in their careers is a good indicator of their commitment to work.

27. Who is your favorite director?

  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Mel Brooks
  • M. Night Shyamalan
  • Walt Disney
  • Alfred Hitchcock

What this question reveals: This is simply a fun personality quiz question that can help you understand a person’s taste in cinema.

28. What is the major factor in your attraction to someone?

  • Their personality
  • Their sense of humor
  • Their sensitivity
  • Their looks

What this question reveals: What the person finds attractive about another person

This can be a great question for someone who’s getting to know another person or trying to test compatibility with them.

29. Which adjective best describes you?

  • Critical – nothing gets past you
  • Analytical – it’s all about problem-solving
  • Decisive – someone needs to take charge
  • Motivational – bringing out the best in others
  • Friendly – the more, the merrier
  • Curious – you like to know what’s going on
  • Private – you like to keep to yourself
  • Meticulous – great eye for detail
  • Consistent – you enjoy routine

What this question reveals: A person’s collaboration style

Corporate trainers can use this quiz to train employees on teamwork skills.

30. What would you do if you were going to die in a day?

  • I will be scared! Don’t talk about death!
  • I’ll do as much as possible from my list – things to do before you die.
  • I will be confused.
  • I will spend all my time left with the people I love.

What this question reveals: Knowing what a person would do when they were going to die can tell what they consider most important and something they wouldn’t want to miss out on in life.

So, that was our list of the 30 best questions for personality quizzes. Now, how do you use these questions to make your personality quiz online? For that, check out the quick video tutorial below or use our ultimate quiz-making guide.

Watch: How to Create a Personality Quiz

Create Personality Quizzes in Minutes 

Now that you’ve got the list, you don’t have to start your personality quiz from scratch! You can use the personality quiz question ideas in this list or customize them to fit your unique quiz.

If you’re looking for more, check out ProProfs’ public question library, which offers 1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions on thousands of topics. With our massive question bank, you can build your personality quiz easily in minutes with our quiz software.

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