Our Editorial Process

Empowering business success through delightful content

At ProProfs Quiz Maker, we uphold rigorous editorial standards to publish reliable and objective content aligned with our core mission of Customer Delight. Our process ensures quality and transparency for readers and contributors alike.

We work closely with subject matter experts to develop insightful materials that meet key learning objectives and resonate with end users. Through careful review against defined criteria, we publish only the most impactful pieces that are factual, relevant, and trustworthy.

The following overview details the key steps of our editorial process, from conception to publication.

Our Commitment to Reliability, Relevance, and Resourcefulness

Our editorial process is designed to ensure that every piece of content enhances the customer experience. Each content piece brings forth insights, guidance, and relevance, helping users not only use the software effectively but also recognize its complete potential concerning their unique requirements.

Step 1: Content Creation

Having our finger on the pulse of the software industry enables us to craft content that tackles the latest trends, challenges, and strategies. Our editorial process involves extensive research to present accurate, multi-faceted analysis on complex topics. This allows us to provide comprehensive guidance on emerging tools, technologies, and techniques.

Meet the talented featured writers at ProProfs Quiz Maker, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to create informative and engaging content.

Michael Laithangbam

Author & Editor at ProProfs

Michael is a seasoned writer with 12+ years of experience in online learning and training. His work empowers organizations to harness the potential of knowledge in the digital era.

Angela White

Product Analyst

Angela White is a skilled Product Analyst with a focus on online training. At ProProfs Quiz Maker, she combines her passion for ed-tech with her expertise in online assessment to create helpful articles that improve learning experiences.

Vipul Bhagia

Author & Editor at ProProfs

Vipul is a seasoned e-learning expert, specializing in crafting impactful learning experiences and designing employee training assessments. His passion lies in writing about tools that enhance online learning and training outcomes.

Step 2: Fact Verification

To uphold our commitment to dependability, we corroborate each fact with trusted sources. Our dedicated fact-checkers scrutinize every data point, including statistics, case studies, and expert insights we include in our content.

Step 3: Editorial Review

Our Advisory Board, composed of seasoned professionals and industry experts, carefully examines each piece to ensure it provides relevant, logical, and accurate guidance readers can apply. By refining the content through multiple feedback loops, we deliver actionable insights to address our audience's needs and expectations.

Meet our Advisory Board, a collective of industry experts whose invaluable insights guide and elevate the content at ProProfs Quiz Maker.

Sameer Bhatia
Sameer Bhatia

Founder and CEO - ProProfs

Sameer Bhatia is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ProProfs.com. He believes that software should make you happy and is driven to create a 100-year company that delivers delightfully smart software with awesome support. His favorite word is 'delight,' and he dislikes the term 'customer satisfaction,' as he believes that "satisfaction" is a low bar and users must get nothing less than a delightful experience at ProProfs. Sameer holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (USC). He lives in Santa Monica with his wife & two daughters.

Bryan Jones
Bryan Jones

eLearning & Instructional Design Expert, Founder - eLearningArt

Bryan Jones is the president of eLearningArt, a leading provider of over 40,000 eLearning images and templates used by eLearning developers in more than 50 countries worldwide. He has over 15 years of experience in the eLearning industry, having worked as a consultant, author, and entrepreneur. Bryan has published several best-selling titles on productivity, leadership, and personal development. He lives in Truckee, California, United States.

Matthew Tang
Matthew Tang

eLearning & Instructional Design Expert

Matthew Tang is a highly skilled eLearning consultant with over two decades of experience in delivering exceptional learning products. He has taught students in public schools and online, led online education for a Fortune 50 company, partnered with university researchers to pioneer new learning technologies, and delivered expert learning solutions to clients of all sizes. With a genuine passion for helping individuals succeed and reach their academic or business goals, Matthew continually improves and innovates educational technology solutions, making him a trusted authority in eLearning.

Rupinder Kaur
Rupinder Kaur

Associate Director of Human Resources

Rupinder Kaur joins the ProProfs Quiz Maker Advisory Board with 17+ years of experience in corporate HR, compliance training, talent management, and hiring strategies. Rupinder brings along a profound understanding of strategic resource planning, impactful DEI initiatives, and employee skill development programs that help boost organizational growth. Through her work, she ensures that HR professionals receive current, accurate, trustworthy content that aligns with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Pratibha Jadon
Pratibha Jadon

Director - SEO and Digital Marketing

Pratibha Jadon, the Director of SEO & Digital Marketing at ProProfs, brings a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in lead generation, social media marketing, and market research. Her extensive background in these areas and a relentless passion for mastering emerging trends position her as a driving force behind ProProfs' digital marketing endeavors. Pratibha's strategic insights and innovative approach are instrumental in maximizing lead acquisition, enhancing conversion rates, and crafting compelling content strategies that resonate with target audiences.

Ravneet Kaur
Ravneet Kaur

Senior Instructional Designer

Ravneet Kaur is a Senior Instructional Designer with a rich portfolio, including hundreds of courses and assessments built across categories, such as leadership, employee skill enhancement, and compliance training. She is passionate about creating engaging and impactful learning experiences. Her role with the ProProfs Quiz Maker Review Board is to ensure accurate and consistent content that drives better online training initiatives. Ravneet is dedicated to enhancing learning through her innovative design and storyboarding skills.

Step 4: Post-Publication Updates

We maintain an agile update mechanism to ensure our content corresponds with the ever-evolving software landscape.

Our dedication to delivering timely and pertinent content is guided by four critical practices:

  • tick Training tick Regular Check-Ins

    We routinely analyze our content, ensuring it aligns with the latest SaaS industry trends and insights garnered from the world of remote training and customer support.

  • tick Training tick Annual Partnership Audits

    Each year, we critically assess our associated partners. Content related to them is revised to align with our values and standards.

  • tick Training tick Staying Ahead with SaaS Trends & Developments

    Our team is always up to date with the latest SaaS trends and advancements, reinforcing our commitment to reliability and making sure you are well-informed with the most current guidance and discoveries.

  • tick Training tick Prioritizing Your Feedback

    Your perspective matters to us and shapes the relevance of our content. Our editorial team promptly addresses feedback to ensure our resources remain valuable and informative.

Content Credentials

Content on our platform carries the following credentials, ensuring clarity and trustworthiness:

  • Authorship Recognition: Each piece features an "Author" tag, acknowledging the expert minds responsible for its creation.

  • Last Updated Information: An "Updated" date is displayed, providing transparency on when the content was last revised, keeping readers informed with the latest insights.

  • Review Board Approval: An "Approved By" tag signifying that the content has passed the scrutiny of our Review Board.

The ProProfs Voice

The ProProfs voice embodies both knowledge and empathy. While our rich SaaS experience enables us to provide precise and expert advice, our genuine care for our users ensures we communicate in an approachable and warm manner.

Our content is designed to encourage, support, and connect with various businesses and individuals. Our tone balances expertise and understanding, reflecting our core values and the successful journey we envision for our customers.

Our Editorial Process, Crafted for You

ProProfs believes that true magic happens when you and we come together. Our process places you at its heart, emphasizing the creation of content that furthers your learning, development, and success.

Our editorial process is an ongoing dialogue where your input shapes our work at every step.

We strive for continuous improvement, and your feedback is crucial. If you think there's room for improvement in accuracy or usability — or if you believe a piece of content needs to be updated — you can easily reach out to us via our contact center.

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