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How to Build Engaging Questions for a Marketing Quiz: 5 Best Tips

5 Great Tips to Write Engaging Quiz Questions for Marketing

It wasn’t too long ago that marketers realized the value of including quizzes as a part of their marketing strategy and quizzes soon became a tool for lead generation.

These days, almost every other brand is considering quizzes as a means to gather customer data and a source to look into customers’ taste & preference. And why wouldn’t they?

After all, quizzes are easy to create, share, and people love taking quizzes!

There have been cases wherein the quizzes shared went so viral, that customers ended up visiting the websites of brands that created the quizzes.

One such case is that of Food52. On July 7, 2014, a food blog shared a quiz called “Which cake are you?” on social media.


Food52 had created this quiz so that they could drive the participants on their website where they had several cake recipes. The result of the quiz showed each participant’s “cake personality” along with a link to check out its recipe.

In just three days, the quiz was a hit with more than 20,000 attempts.

Food52’s quiz story is not the only success story.

The “You’ve Been Framed” quiz generated over $1 million in revenue and 29,410 lead conversions with a 9,655% ROI in 6 months.

you've been framed

In both of the above cases, the participants who took those quizzes stayed glued to the quizzes until the very end. Bingo! The excellent lead generation right there.

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Every aspect of these quizzes was so gripping that it could carry the customer until the very end.

One of these fundamental aspects are questions, which are seldom talked about.

But hey! We’re here to talk about them!

Why Worry About Quiz Questions?

Why Worry About Quiz Questions

Although, many factors contribute to the success of a quiz (which have been talked about a zillion times), very less attention has been given to its questions that play an essential role in carrying the participant to the end.

So, the first thing that you need to take care of when deciding on how to write a quiz should be the quality of the questions.

  • You see, participants won’t reach the end of the quiz if the questions are annoying or escape their interest.
  • The questions are the right spot to create a conversation with quiz takers and build rapport.
  • Unlike other forms of content like blogs & videos, where you address a broad audience all at one, quiz questions and answers provide a one-to-one medium to communicate with your audience.

That’s why knowing how to write perfect quiz questions is critical to constructing engaging quizzes.

If you consider these tips, you’re more likely to build a viral winner.

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Your real goal should be for the participant to want to invite others to take the quiz as well.

Anyone can create quiz questions, but coming up with engaging questions that make people complete your quiz takes a lot of trial and error, practice, and skills.

So, here are the top five tips to create engaging quiz questions that’ll save your quiz from turning bizarre.

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Top 5 Tips to Write Engaging Quiz Questions

1. Keep the Questions Short

Keep the Questions Short

There’s one thing in common shared by the majority of high-performing quizzes created using the ProProfs Quiz Maker. The questions are reasonably short. This is, in fact, one of the fundamental factors to consider when you are wondering how to write a quiz.

Take a look at this example from ProProfs’ ‘How Much Do You Know About Nutrition?’ quiz.

The question is summed up in 10 words, and all of the answer options have just a single word.

Short questions only take a matter of seconds to go over them

Short questions only take a matter of seconds to go over them.

Whether it’s a quiz with personality quiz questions or trivia quiz questions, the questions shouldn’t require too much thought to answer, so the question itself should be just a simple sentence.

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Here’s a Trick: Instead of a typical quiz question, create a statement, with answers such as Rarely, Sometimes, Never, Always, Frequently, etc.

2. Keep It Simple:

Keep It Simple

How would you feel if you had to reread a question one or several times before you can understand what to be asked? Not very interested, right?

So, never try to outsmart your quiz takers by making questions unclear. If you try to trick your quiz takers with questions too smart (read: too tricky/complicated), it is you who’ll lose the game.

The quiz takers may spend too much time racking their brains instead of having to enjoy the quiz and might as well drop out of the quiz even before it ends.

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Great quiz questions should be neither too difficult nor too easy. You don’t want your quiz takers to get irritated trying to understand the questions and leave the quiz dangling incomplete.

Here’s What You Can Do To Keep The Questions Simple:

Keep the language easy and tone interactive (for human touch): Simple language is the key to perfect quiz questions. Also, do not make it too detailed and wordy.

Spare your words: Whether you call it verbosity or wordiness, the symptoms are the same. Don’t use overly complicated terms that your audience won’t be able to understand.


  • Jargon or fancy vocabulary.
  • Ambiguous terms and complex sentences.
  • Slang and cultural references.
  • A negative question like “Which of the following is not…”

Take a look at this example from ProProfs Health Quiz.

The language is simple and easy to understand. All of the questions in this example contain common, everyday terms.

Remember – the goal of quiz is to make the takers complete your quiz, not for them to think how smart you are. Use tools like Microsoft Word’s readability statistics, an online readability score tool, or even the Hemingway App to make sure your quiz questions and answers are easy to read and uncomplicated.

3. Use Lots of Images:

Use Lots of Images

‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’

This statement stands true even in the case of quizzes. Images can make a massive difference to your quiz.

Also, did you know that 65% of people are visual learners, and over 90% of information coming to the brain is visual?

Luckily, a quiz maker software like ProProfs allows you to insert image in questions as well as answer options.

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Here’s how including images in a quiz can help:

  • Writing lengthy or wordy questions can be avoided since an image can be used to convey the data or scenario.
  • Including images in the answer, options help the quiz taker remember the correct answer for a longer time.
  • You can also use images to bring humor to your quiz questions and answers or make the quiz enjoyable with images relevant to the topic.

There are many types of quiz software that allow using images within questions & answer options to make the quizzes interesting, do look up for one of such software tools.

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4. Do Not Deviate From the Topic

Do Not Deviate From the Topic

This one is a no-brainer, but keep your questions on the topic.

Asking takers about the favorite food of a Friends character in a quiz titled ‘Which Cuisine You’ll Love’ is not only bizarre, it’s also deceiving the quiz taker.

Make sure you ask them only what they’ve come to answer in your quiz.

For example, in a quiz titled “What Type of Tree Are You?“, asking about clouds and nature is the perfect way to give an idea of what kind of tree someone is.

If it were a quiz about what you should be making for breakfast, then you wouldn’t want to ask this question.

Having your quiz reviewed by a person will be of help because they can tell if any of the quiz questions are just totally off-topic.

5. Pay Heed to the Number of Questions:

Pay Heed to the Number of Questions

One of the essential factors that can make or break your quiz is the number of questions it has.

Too many questions may bore the participant, and they might give up the quiz even before completing it. On the other hand, having too few problems may make the participants feel the quiz is too superficial to give answers. Look at the popular fun quiz questions and you will surely see this pattern.

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The average quiz taker won’t have more than a couple of minutes to complete a quiz. So, the ideal number of quiz questions falls somewhere between 7-10.

After all, you’re trading the number of leads for quality.

Here’s a Trick: You can tell your quiz takers how many questions there are in advance.

For example, Pick Seven Junk Foods, And We’ll Tell You What % Trash You Are, one of the best performing Buzzfeed quizzes of all times lets its participants know that there are seven questions.

To make sure all your questions are perfect for the quiz that you’ve created, start by brainstorming questions and then eliminate those that aren’t fun, are too difficult, or don’t correlate well with the outcomes.

Creating perfect quiz questions is no rocket science, just a matter of framing the right questions for the right audience.

Also, to make sure that you create perfect quiz questions, you can use a quiz software to create a quiz.

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Using a quiz software will make writing quiz questions a breeze since it already has a pool of ready-to-use questions where you can find funny quiz questions, history quiz questions, geography quiz questions, facebook quiz questions, etc. that you can directly import to your quiz.

So, next time when you sit down for writing a quiz, follow these tips and you’ll surely end up with a popular quiz that’ll be perfect for your marketing needs. And, once you’re done, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for being a perfect quiz writer.

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