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    The return may be thought of as

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    The structure that is available in an economy to mobilize the capital from various surplus sectors of the economy and allocate and distribute the same to the various needy sectors is known as   ----------

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    What percentage of mutual funds, financial experts, and investment advisory services underperform the overall market and comparable indexes?

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    A close-ended mutual fund has a fixed:

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     Government grants are generally offered to businesses in

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What is the difference between Capital Expenditure and Revenue Expenditure?
Capital expenditure refers to expenses made by a business to acquire an asset or to better the capacity of assets. Examples include purchasing machines, buildings, vehicles, and so on. Such expenditure aims to improve the operations of a business and
What is the difference between Visa and MasterCard?
Visa and MasterCard are two credit-card companies out of many that exist. Visa was created in 1970, and it has risen up as one of the top credit-card companies with prompt electronic payment services. Visa ensures that payments and transactions are m
What is time value?
Time value is the monetary value that investors are willing to pay to own an option based on the amount of time left between the purchase date and expiry date. if you want to buy an option that has 3 months to expiry and is $5 out of the money versus
What is the difference between BCP and DR?
DR and BCP are different kinds of plans used by organizations at certain times. DR is the acronym for Disaster Recovery. This type of plan is commonly used after a disaster has occurred. This plan helps organizations access the necessary technology a