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  • What three pieces of information should the cashier have when hanging up with a customer who had just placed a carry-out order?

  • A cash book is used to:

  • Which of the following cannot be treated as cash?

  • What is the advantage of having a qualified annuity?  
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  • Under a Straight Life Annuity, if the annuitant dies before the principal amount is paid out, the beneficiary will receive:
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  • A prospective Deferred Annuity owner is concerned about what would happen if the surrendered the annuity before the annuitization period. The agent most likely explained which of the following?
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  • Which of the following has the least influence on an individual’s values?
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  • A need is best defined as:
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  • Kaylee will save her allowance of $25 per month to purchase a $150 mp3 player in six months. This is an example of what type of goal?
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  • BHS Inc. determines that sales will rise from $300,000 to $500,000 next year. Spontaneous assets are 70% of sales and spontaneous liabilities are 30% of sales. BHS has a 10% profit margin and a 40% dividend payout ratio. What is the level of required new funds?

  • A firm has forecasted sales of $3,000 in April, $4,500 in May, and $6,500 in June. All sales are on credit. 30% is collected the month of sale and the remainder the following month. What will be the balance in accounts receivable at the beginning of July?

  • Agency problems are least likely to arise in which organizational form?