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Do you know anything about personal finance? Would you like to put your knowledge to the test? Personal finance is the financial management in which an individual or family unit operates to budget, save, and spend monetary...

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    What is a credit card?

Chapter 2 Dave Ramsey Investment Options

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    Which is NOT true about investments:

This is your final for Personal Finance Class. This is a comprehensive test over all topics you have learned this semester.

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    Financial success is primarily the result of setting long term goals and developing a plan to achieve them.

When you get that good job it comes with great pay too therefore giving rise to the need to better plan on how to use the money. Good personal finance opens an individual to investments that will increase their income. What...

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    Tom's goal is to buy a $500 stereo system by saving $50 a week from each paycheck for the next ten months. Which phrase BEST decribes this goal?

Read through each question carefully and select the best answer.

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  • Sample Question
    Inflation is the increase of price over a period of time.

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Personal Finance Questions & Answers

What does subleasing mean?
A sublease refers to a form of agreement between a tenant and a property owner, that allows a tenant to lease a property to a third party. This contract allows someone to lease a property that is already leased. In a sublease, the person renting the
How do I get out of debt?
Debts will be stressful when it goes on increasing & unable to manage it. There will be different types of debt management plans available by which we can become debt-free. People who want to become debt-free the very first thing he or she shoul
How can you achieve financial security with a monthly budget?
Increasing your financial awareness and helping you allocate your funds more effectively.