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You must help us quickly. For the past few years we haven’t been able to pay our taxes and things don’t look so good with the IRS. You must now take control of this situation and put our finances in order. Any measure that you see fit, please apply it, unless of course, it’s a loan. The one thing we don’t need right now is more debt.

There will be questions for you to answer, though. Can you answer all of them? What are the most important countries where there are programs to raise interest in personal finance? When did the OECD launch a programs to increase financial literacy? When was the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Taskforce established in Australia? Show everyone your financial literacy and answer the questions.

In this world, one has to be in touch with their finances and know how to maximize their income to meet their unlimited needs. This being said it is important to learn the basics at an early age, for example, our teen years. If...

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    An average career will last approximately how many hours if you work for 43 years?

A test on the book Financial Literacy for Teens.

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    An average career will last approximately how many hours if you work for 43 years?

Take a few minutes to do this Financial Literacy Quiz.  Get your scores to know how financially literate you are!

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    If I have just started working, the first thing I should do is

Take this quiz to determine your level of financial literacy.

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    What does it mean when a company refers to “brick and mortar”?

Do you know your consumer rights? Try this quiz and find out!

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    Because I need my social security number for so many things, it’s a good idea to keep my social security card in my wallet so I can show it whenever someone asks for it.

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Financial Literacy Questions & Answers

What is health insurance?
A must buy item for your budget.
Is the following statement true or false? I received a lot of money for my graduation, and I want to go to the mall to buy a new laptop. Even though I have the cash, it might still be better to use...
True> Using a credit card to make purchases offers several advantages over paying with cash. > For example, most credit cards offer some form of protection if your card is reported stolen or missing, while cash cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
How much money did Doodles (the waitress) save?
Who is Doodles the waitress and why is she on this test?