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What is the difference between IRR and ROI?
IRR is the acronym for Return of Investment and ROR stands for Rate of Return. These two terms do not mean the same thing. IRR is a complex finance metric for investment; it is used to calculate the rate of return on investment. IRR is much more accu
What is the cash payback period? An anticipated purchase of equipment for $500,000, with a useful life of 8 years and no residual value, is expected to yield the following annual net incomes and...
The correct answer to this question is A. The cashback period in capital budgeting refers to the period of time required to recoup the funds expended in an investment, or to reach the break-even point. The Cashback period intuitively measures how lo
What is an expected total net income of $216,000 for the 4 years? The expected average rate of return for a proposed investment of $600,000 in a fixed asset, with a useful life of four years,...
9% 216,000 divided 600,000= 216,000 divided by four= 54,000 per year. 54,000 divided 600,000 =9%. The net income formula is calculated by subtracting total expenses from total revenues. The net income equation is relatively simple. It measures excess