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When we say stock market, does it conjure up thoughts of rooms filled with mad barking people, screaming figures and instructions at one another? There is a lot more to the stock market than meets the eye, however. Do you know a thing or two about the stock market? Do you consider yourself a bit of an expert on the stock market? Or do you just want to increase your knowledge of the stock market a little? Either way, we invite you to take our excellent stock market quiz!

Some of the questions on the quiz include: What is the stock market index? What is a stock market crash? Can you name the five biggest stock exchanges? What percentage of the world stock market is in the United States? Do you know the answers to these questions? Take them all and today and find out!
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    What is the Stock Market?

One of the ways through which people make an earning is through the buying of shares of a company when the share price is low and selling it back when it is high. This profession is very keen on attention to detail and being...

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    One can profit from stocks by

Choose the most appropriate option from each question.

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    What is the purpose of the DJIA?

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    If a corporation decides to remain private

Stock Market is a place where investors buy and sell proprietorship of assets. Stocks are sold, buy and issued on a stock exchange. It is often called as equities mean fractional holding in a company. This...

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    When did stocks Trading Start in the United States?

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Stock Market Questions & Answers

Why was stock market created?
I think the stock market was created for the mutual benefits of both the investors and company owners. The idea that brought about the stock market came at a time when people wanted to build huge businesses, but there was just a little capital to act
What is the difference between a stock market and stock exchange?
A stock market is a very general term used to describe a place where stocks are traded. To help you remember this, think of a flea market where you would go to buy and sell antiques or other items. A stock exchange is a more specific term used to des
Why do companies issue shares?
Companies usually issue shares because they want to make sure that they will get money from people who would like to invest in the company. They would then use the money for the other things that the company may need. Take note that there are differe
Why do people buy shares?
The main reason people buy shares is that they want to make money. Some people, particularly family members, may buy shares to help other family members who are starting their own business but that is not very common. Remember, a share is the word us
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