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Whether you are interested in B2B or B2C ecommerce, terminology that can come in handy or trivia questions on ecommerce that help you learn something new, we have something for everyone. Here are the best online Ecommerce quizzes about the subject that should test your level of expertise. Are you ready to take on the challenge?
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    Electronic commerce (EC) is defined as the online exchange of ________ between firms, and also between firms and their customers.

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    E-business activities support selling, buying, and providing relationships, as well as the internal and external transactions involved.

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    The Internet has only a limited impact on our personal lives

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    Buying and Selling the products over the Internet is called

Below are some trivia questions on E-commerce. It is the most current emerging trend in businesses where they conduct the art of selling and buying online. Do you know the rules of e-commerce and how to ensure that the activities...

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    Home’s eCommerce program is based on an in-store pick-up model.

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Ecommerce Questions & Answers

What is e-commerce?
E-commerce is a term used to describe purchasing and selling items on the internet. The “E” stands for electronic as it does in email. The word commerce mean buying and selling. E-commerce can mean the buying and selling of many things be
Are the final participants in B2B transactions consumers?
Doesnt the b2b means that a business provides a product to another business which then sells it to customer? so why is it false?
What makes online shopping a better option than offline besides convenience?
Online shopping is a much better option than offline shopping for several reasons. First, you can easily compare prices and be confident that you are getting the best price available. Second, you will know immediately if the product you want is avail
What is the most effective e-commerce platform (and why)?
An effective e-commerce platform must have quick load times for both desk top and mobile users, features that are entrepreneur and customer friendly, and speed and SEO optimization. In general, the platforms that cost money to join are better than th
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