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    Home’s eCommerce program is based on an in-store pick-up model.

Business nowadays are not carried out in stalls but most of them have moved to looking for their customers online and delivering the goods. In chapter 4 on E-business and E-commerce and helps us to properly understand what it...

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    Electronic commerce (EC) is defined as the online exchange of ________ between firms, and also between firms and their customers.

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    E-business activities support selling, buying, and providing relationships, as well as the internal and external transactions involved.

Welcome to the ultimate ecommerce shipping trivia quiz on delivery and customer service! When it comes to shipping goods, the sales process does not just end when the good gets to the customer, and most companies give after-sale...

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    Customer's orders that have the OrderSource of ___________ can be updated. (Choose All That Apply)

Quiz for ecommerce

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    The Internet has only a limited impact on our personal lives

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Ecommerce Questions & Answers

Is the following true or false? The final participants in B2B transactions are consumers.
Doesnt the b2b means that a business provides a product to another business which then sells it to customer? so why is it false?
What is a bitcoin?
A bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.
What makes online shopping a better option than offline besides convenience?
Online shopping is a much better option than offline shopping for several reasons. First, you can easily compare prices and be confident that you are getting the best price available. Second, you will know immediately if the product you want is avail
What is the coolest thing you've purchased on Amazon (and why)?
I don’t know that I ever purchased anything that would be considered “cool” but I have purchased lots and lots of different things on Amazon, from books and toys to parts for lawnmowers, paint guns, and kitchen and bath items. I gue