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How much do you know about logistics? How good are you when it comes to integrating production, information, packaging, distribution, and other factors? Take these amazing online logistics quizzes and test yourself.
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Welcome to the fundamentals of logistics quiz. Logistics in the sense of business is a detailed management and implementation of a complex operation. Or a more general definition would be that it's a commercial activity of...

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    What is logistics? (Choose the most complete definition.)

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    Why are LCL lead times longer than FCL lead times?

This quiz test the basic knowledge on Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Industrial Engineering and Management course. At your own disposal time take a quiz with a closed book style. Just write down your name(Official or...

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    Logistics involves intelligent trade-offs. Which of the following is not

Logistics plays a crucial role in transportation and storage of goods from the point of origin to the final customer. They provide the service to manufacturers, retailers and other industries.  This needs planning and proper...

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    What concept refers to where one organization owns multiple participants in the supply chain?

  Means of transportation.

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    Heavy goods are sent by ...?


Logistics Questions & Answers

What do we tell him if a customer does not want the lead time to exceed more than 35 days, and also does not want to pay very high freight costs?
Simple answer is B however, China is a big place and the shipper may be in a remote area - depends on where client is in relation to a seaport and then vessel availability. Therefore, by the time a shipment is at the port ready to sail, theremay be a
What is logistics?
C.Managing the flow and storage of goods from their point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet minimum requirement of one department.
What is the difference between physical stock and available stock in EWM?
EWM refers to the Extended Warehouse Management and the full title is SAP EWM or Ag’s Supply Chain Management Extended Warehouse Management. This refers to products that are analyzed. The information from these products are placed into a softwa
Does simplicity reflect the need to make detailed orders understood by everyone in the chain of command?
Any problem needs proper assessment and management, in order to be solved. For your team to work, you need them to understand the process in detail. In these circumstances, simplicity is key. In essence, simplicity means the need to reduce the comple
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