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What is love? We don’t know exactly, but we were hoping you could lend us a helping hand or a clue of some sort. Love is the topic of this quiz and it’s bound to catch your interest. You’ll fall for these questions and there’s no turning back. This is a one way trip to sleepless nights and romantic getaways. Let’s see how well you manage our sample questions.

What part of the brain is responsible for the chemical reaction attributed to falling in love? “The power of love” is a song performed by what artist? What’s Japanese for “I love you”? What does platonic love imply? Supposedly, the battle of Troy was fought for what woman? Aren’t these challenges simply loving? This is our special way of saying thank you, good luck and lots of love!

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  • Who are the Greek god and goddess of love? 

  • What does cuddling releases? 

  • What is the Matching Hypothesis?

  • In an office, how would you know who cares for you?
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  • When in trouble, who do you think of first?
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  • On your birthday, who is usually the first to call?
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  • What is your favorite kind of ending for a love story?  
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  • Do you believe in soul mates?  
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  • Do you enjoy songs about heartache or finding that one true love?  
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  • How does your boyfriend welcome you in the morning, when you wake up?

  • How many times have your man thrown you a surprise party?

  • How many times does your lover calls you every week?