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Love is in the air and so are the following quizzes. It’s all about romance this time and we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with these challenges. Girlfriends and boyfriends, lovers, relationships and love poems. We’ve got it all in our amazing new trivia, all about romance

In what Italian city is the story of Romeo and Juliet set? How many wives did Zeus have, according to mythology? Who’s credited with the longest love poem in history? How did roses come to symbolize love and romance? What does platonic love refer to? Oh so lovely. Did you enjoy our sample questions? Perfect, carry on with our quizzes and dive deeper into the wonderful world of romance. Candles and rose petals await you.

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  • Do you and your partner have good opinions of each other—without having an over-inflated positive view?

  • Do You Want The Same Things As Your Partner?

  • Is your partner your best friend?

  • A Zulu wife's primary ambition is to help her husband gain the wealth to purchase another wife so that the two women can ...

  • The English settlers of Jamestown were so romantic that they set the price of a new bride at 120 pounds or 54 kg of what? Hmm ... no mention of what an old bride cost. *wink*

  • In what month do marital quarrels tend to hit their peak?  

  • If you were to take your new girlfriend/boyfriend on a first date, where would you take her/him?
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  • What things do you like doing together?
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  • If she would express his/her feelings to you, how would you respond?
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  • Which singer/songwriter wrote I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song?
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  • Which 1980's band had a hit with Is This Love?
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  • It Must Have Been Love was a hit for which artist?
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