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  • Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
    Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
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  • What is the degree of lightness or darkness in a work of art?
    What is the degree of lightness or darkness in a work of art?
    In the world of art, there are more ways to create a drawing or painting than just using a few colors. First, there are shades of color to use. You may want to use dark blue, light blue as well as the shades in between those hues. Likewise, there are degrees of lightness and darkness in the colors and shades of different colors. There are different shades of lightness and darkness to simple black and white drawings. The term used to describe this lightness and darkness is called value. While drawing an apple, there is a source of light that will shine onto the apple which may cause a shadow underneath the apple if the apple is sitting on a table. This is where value shows in a drawing.

  • What is the name of this famous piece of art work?
    What is the name of this famous piece of art work?
    This painting is officially called the mona lisa leanardo davinci drew it for king henry

  • How many branches of Art are there?
    How many branches of Art are there?
    This question isn't necessarily about the 'types' of art but about the different disciplines. There are four major disciplines of art including performing arts, literary arts, visual arts, and multidisciplinary arts. The performing arts include dance, music, and theater, while the literary arts include drama and poetry. Visual arts are what most people think of when they hear 'the arts,' and it encompasses painting, sculpting, photography, and ceramics. Multidisciplinary arts are those that include multiple types of arts. This means that something like a comic book has both visual art and literary art. Films or cinematography is a prime example of multidisciplinary arts because it includes performing arts (acting,) literary arts (scripts,) and visual arts (effects, set design.)

  • Which principle of art indicates movement by the repetition of elements?
    Which principle of art indicates movement by the repetition of elements?
    The answer to this is B rhythm. People are familiar with rhythm as something that is done in a repeated manner. For example, some people have the tendency to follow the rhythm that is taught to them so that they can be uniform with the rest of the dancers. In art, rhythm is still being done, especially in paintings. Have you ever wondered why certain elements seem to be repeated in paintings? This is not only to make the painting look more cohesive. Instead, this is being done to ensure that the whole painting will manage to tell its story accurately. This is also the same with songs. Some portions are repeated to let the listener know that he/she is listening to the same song.

  • Which principle of art has lots of different shapes, colors, forms, textures, etc. to make the work more interesting?
    Which principle of art has lots of different shapes, colors, forms, textures, etc. to make the work more interesting?
    The correct answer is variety. Variety is the principle of art has lots of different shapes, colors, forms, textures which are done to make the entire work more interesting. Variety is a principle of design concerned with diversity or contrast. Diversification is achieved by using many different elements to enhance the interaction in a work of art. Principle of arts refers to how an artist uses elements of techniques such as lines, color, form, shape, value, and texture to organize a work of art. Other principles of art include balance, rhythm, harmony, emphasis, gradation, and movement.

  • Which principle of art is concerned with equalizing visual forces, elements,or weight equalizing visual forces,elements,or weight in a work of art?
    Which principle of art is concerned with equalizing visual forces, elements,or weight equalizing visual forces,elements,or weight in a work of art?
    Balance in our is one of the main principles of design, and humans have a natural predisposition to seek out and bring forth balance. There are three essential types of symmetry in art and design, which include symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. In our balance is concerned with several variables. These variables include line, shape, color, value, space form, and texture, and how they all relate to each other. It is essential to understand how all these variables work together to achieve balance and equilibrium. Artists generally seek to create balanced work, and a fair painting makes the viewer feel comfortable and secure. Unbalanced art may have a strong cult following; however, this form of art may appear unstable. When creating artwork, the artist keeps in mind that some elements hold more weight than others.

  • What is the difference between Art and Craft?
    What is the difference between Art and Craft?
    Art and craft are two terms which are often used interchangeably. Just a thin line of difference can be drawn between the two terms. Firstly, Art is simply an expression of emotion, imagination, or human creative skills in a visual form either by sculpture or painting, producing works for the appreciation of their emotional power or beauty. Unlike Art, the craft is an activity involving hand making skills. Lot’s of people do not see any differences between the two terms because both are part and forms of creativity. Art has no limit of expression (just like in a painting), which makes it unstructured and open-ended. On the other hands, the craft is structured because it must have some specific forms of visibility. Art is the initiative talents of a person, whereas craft skills can be acquired by learning and also from gained experience. A craft man must have an idea of what he wants to make, but in Art, it is emotions that flow. Metalworks, pottery, glass work, and many others are examples of craft works, while painting, sculpture, architecture, etc. are examples and forms of Art.

  • What is the difference between Art and Design?
    What is the difference between Art and Design?
    Experts of art are called artists, whereas the designer is someone who happens to be an expert of design. Art is meant to bring out something new from the audience or the observer. It seeks to build a connection between the artist and his audience. Designs are proposed to make the audience realize things about something already present or existing. A design may be geared toward buying a product or item, hire particular services, or go to a specific landmark. Designs are only useful if they can accomplish their objective, as stated. Art is different from design in the sense that it seeks interpretation from the audience, as opposed to seeking understanding. Design is the opposite. It is not meant to be implied but understood.

  • What form and style painting does¬†this pot represent?
    What form and style painting does this pot represent?
    The answer to this is two-fold, as the answers above suggest. The first half to this answer is “amphora”. An amphora is a Greek or Roman vase or pot. It has a narrow neck, and two handles. The best description is really a jar with a narrow neck and two handles. The pot in the picture, however, has a much wider neck than an amphora most likely would have. The second part to this answer is “red figure painting”. The pictures on this particular vase are red, against a black background. This is the definition of red figure painting. The style is an older one, most likely invented around 520 BCE, and stopped being used widely around two hundred years later.

  • What is the very top part of the pot called?
    What is the very top part of the pot called?
    Cookware and bakeware are types of food preparation containers commonly found in a kitchen. Cookware consists of cooking utensils such as saucepans and frying pans, which are intended for use on a stove or range cooktop. The top of the pot is called the lid. Both the cooking pot and the lid handles can be made of same material. When picking up these parts, oven gloves or pot holders will be necessary so that you do not burn yourself. Handles can be made of non-heat conducting materials. A good cooking pot design has an “overcook edge,” which is what the lid lies on. The lid has an edge that prevents fluid from dripping off when holding the lid.

  • What is the theory of Orientalism On the Painting?
    What is the theory of Orientalism On the Painting?
    Delacroixs sardanapalus also contains notions of the oriental. darker skinned figures line the shadows accompanied by exotic animals. the animalistic nature of the figures and the blatant sexuality would remind any european viewer of the immoral oriental. in this sense, the painting seems to serve as a moral checkpoint for westerners. it is a reminder that we are civilized and they are not. europeans who looked at this painting would immediately judge the oriental as disorganized, insensitive (as sardanapalus appears), barbaric, etc. at the same time though, viewers cannot escape the curiosity associated with the oriental. as discussed in both confessions of an opium-eater and orientalism, the oriental carries a degree of mystery and sublimity for the westerner. there is no doubt that this painting elicits both wonder and fear, both for the 19th century and the modern viewer.romanticism.

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