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Are you an avid reader? If so, you’ll really love our literature quizzes. Which playwright, a contemporary of Shakespeare, was killed in a bar fight? Who is the Scottish author whose family were famous for building lighthouses? What was the name of Don Quixote’s horse?

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  • what do you most like in a date?

  • whats your enimy like?

  • whats you favorate song?

  • Who painted the Mona LIsa?
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  • What is the appropriate art term for color?
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  • What do you call a point with no ending?
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  • This is the principle of art that indicates movement by the repetition of elements.
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  • Principle of art that uses contrast to draw attention to an area.
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  • Principle of art in which lots of different shapes,colors,forms,textures,etc.might be used to make the work more interesting.
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  • What are the primary colors?

  • What are the secondary colors?

  • Warm colors are opposites on the color wheel.