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  • What is the Opposite of Thunder?
    What is the Opposite of Thunder?
    The correct answer to this question is A, water. This question involves an understanding of black magic. Black magic involves the use and practice of supernatural powers or magic for evil and/or selfish purposes - this is a stark contrast the use of white magic. Black magic usually involves the use of spells and typically consists of utilizing the natural elements. Typically, magic works with five sacred elements: earth, air, fire, water and aether (aka spirit), but the other elements are, too, a part of black magic, often these are opposing forces, in this case thunder being the anthithesis to water.

  • What genre is Sylvester and the Magic Pebble?
    What genre is Sylvester and the Magic Pebble?
    Sylvester and the Magic Pebble is a children’s picture book which is considered to be in the fantasy genre. This book revolves around the fictional town called Oatsdale. There lives a donkey whose name is Sylvester, and he happens to be the main character of this story. The donkey loves to collect pebbles of different size and colors. One day, he finds a pebble that carries magical abilities. The pebble could grant wishes whenever someone in contact with it, makes a wish. The donkey Sylvester encounters a lion, after which he wishes to become a rock. His wish gets granted but as a result of it the pebble drops on the ground and Sylvester is no longer in contact with it

  • What was the problem in Sylvester and the Magic Pebble?
    What was the problem in Sylvester and the Magic Pebble?
    The problem was that Sylvester is trapped as a rock. Sylvester is a name of a donkey who is from a fictional community called Oatsdale. He collects pebbles of different shapes and colors. On a fine day, he comes across a magical pebble that is able to grant wishes. Soon after finding the pebble, he comes in contact with a lion. In order to save himself, he wishes to become a rock. As a result of that, the pebble falls off, and is not in contact with him anymore. He is unable to revert back into his original for as the pebble must be in contact with him to grant a wish. The rest of the story revolves around the struggles that he has to endure.

  • When did magic become a popular attraction?
    When did magic become a popular attraction?
    The use of magic is popular since it was first discovered but maybe its popularity started with Harry Houdini. He is one of the most famous names in the magic industry. Houdini started his profession as a magician in 1894 and used Harry Houdini as his magician name. He is known as a great escape artist where his life is always on the line. Many people were amazed at his skill of escaping with his hands being handcuffed so he collected fans and audience watching his feats. He is very known for escaping in water-filled tanks while wearing a straightjacket and being handcuffed. This act is his most remarkable trick that made the crowd go wild.

  • What physical features make a person better at magic?
    What physical features make a person better at magic?
    For me, physical features do not add to the ability of a person in doing magic. A kid can do better magic tricks than an adult or an Asian magician is always the best. Physical aspects of a person should never be a basis that he is a good magician. But if you want to look more likely a magician, you can wear something that will make you look like a legit magician. Magicians usually wear black clothes, this is to have a mysterious aura. You can also wear silver accessories like rings, bracelets or earrings. If you aim to be known to be a dark and mysterious magician, save your smiles to the cameras and perform tricks with a straight face.

  • What is the difference between Sorcerer and Wizard?
    What is the difference between Sorcerer and Wizard?
    Sorcerers are those who have studied magic, and they command it. Magicians can control their environment with their knowledge. The magicians create their magic, while the sorcerers study them from the books, and then they copy the spells. Usually, sorcerers use some instrument to cast their spells, while the magician does not require this. The sorcerer performs performances or rituals where they reveal their acquaintance with magic. A sorcerer is considered to be a wise individual. It is someone smart with magic. Usually, magicians do not make personal use of magic. Wizards have grasped the fine art of magic and have learned it through either memorization or in-depth studies. These people use ancient magic, and they are considered masters among all who use magic.

  • What are the most popular equipments used by magicians?
    What are the most popular equipments used by magicians?
    There are a lot of magicians who are aware that the use of tools can be very important. There is some equipment that they use often in order to make the trick more believable to their audience. At times, small tools can be useful. Coins and cards are just some of the items that magicians normally use. For big performances, magicians make use of other equipment such as the place wherein various swords can be placed. There is also a machine wherein the person placed inside will be sawed in half. Some magicians would like to make sure that they have a hat because this is where they would keep some of their items.

  • Who is the most famous magician of today?
    Who is the most famous magician of today?
    There are a lot of famous magicians throughout history. People are familiar with Harry Houdini and so much more. The most famous magician right now, however, is David Blaine. Some even say that he is one of the best magicians that they have ever seen. Some even doubt if what he is doing is still an act or if he is actually someone who has magical powers. That is how good he is. He has set a lot of records that will probably stay for a long time. One reason why people find him great is not only because of the tricks but also because of his endurance in doing death-defying stunts.

  • What status slowly kills you and does not go away in time?
    What status slowly kills you and does not go away in time?

  • Who is the Guardian of Wind?
    Who is the Guardian of Wind?

  • What are the Elements of Life?  
    What are the Elements of Life?  
    Earth, Fire, Water, Wind

  • What Year was Black Magic Discovered?
    What Year was Black Magic Discovered?

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