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Related Topics

  • How did Andre the Giant die?
    How did Andre the Giant die?
    Andre Roussiemoff was a Frenchman born in the forties with a disorder often referred to as gigantism. this disorder floods the body with growth hormones. By the age of 12, Andre was the size of a full grown man and was therefore very useful on his father's farm but before long he got into wrestling, where he found fame. He went to Canada and became Andre the Giant. The punishment inevitable in professional wrestling plus the disorder of gigantism left Andre suffering great and constant pain. His manager therefore refused to allow André to keep wrestling. This damaged their relationship so that when André the Giant died in 1993 of congestive heart failure, he did so alone, to the grief of his manager. Andre was only 46.

  • What were the reasons behind DCEU's failure in catching up to the MCU?
    What were the reasons behind DCEU's failure in catching up to the MCU?
    There are a few reasons why DCEU never quite seems to be able to catch up to MCU but all in all DCEU is a hugely successful company that is always releasing new content and while some is better than others, you definitely cannot count DCEU out of the game. Part of the reason that DCEU never seems to be able to stand up to MCU is because MCU simply has a better team and more people at higher skill level working on their movies than DCEU does. A huge component to the film itself which helps a film be successful is obviously the quality. This means everything from the skill of the animators working with CGI to pull off the incredible effects that are so well known by these companies. If Marvel has more or more skilled animators, their films are just going to be enjoyed more by fans and critics. Another big reason is because of the somewhat cult-like following of the man of Marvel himself, Stan Lee. He always appears in some kind of small cameo appearance in the Marvel films and he has such an overwhlemingly large group of fan and supporters.

  • Why haven't the MCU movies ever won Oscars?
    Why haven't the MCU movies ever won Oscars?
    There are just some film genres that are often overlooked whenever the awarding season comes around. It will be hard to find a horror film that has won best picture. It is not actually a surprise that MCU films have not won any awards yet. Superhero films are great and they make a lot of money in the box office. Yet, it should be remembered that there are other films that should be considered. Some of these films are not as popular but they have stories that can truly change the way that people think about life. If you would come to think of it, it might be a bit hard to find films like that. Perhaps there are just other films that are more deserving compared to MCU films.

  • What will happen to House of Cards (after Kevin Spacey's scandal)?
    What will happen to House of Cards (after Kevin Spacey's scandal)?
    After the accusations against Kevin Spacey became public, he was immediately fired from the hit show House of Cards. Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct with several teenage boys and men throughout Spacey's career. After Kevin Spacey's sudden removal from the popular show, the creators and writer scrambled to figure how to make their next moves. Do they just not make any more episodes? Do they find an actor to replace Spacey? Well, they were able to end the show without Spacey and still were able to provide fans with an ending to the show. They quickly wrapped up the television series and celebrated the shows successful ending without the accused.

  • What are some of the most controversial Oscar moments?
    What are some of the most controversial Oscar moments?
    Oscars are given to celebrate various successes in the film industry as well as to award the actors and actresses in the films for extraordinary talent, passion, and artistry. The Oscars are no exception to scandals including actors and actresses refusing an Oscar. In fact around the beginning of the Academy Awards, in just the 5th ever award ceremony an actor refused an Oscar. Dudley Nichols declined his award in support of The Screen Actors Guild. Although a lot of time has passed, these things still happen. Just in 2017 there was a mix up with the cards and the wrong show was announced as the winner of the Oscar. La La Land was announced as the winner and in actuality Moonlight was the winner.

  • Who is known as the world's most beautiful animal?
    Who is known as the world's most beautiful animal?
    (A)  Ava Gardner Ava Gardner was the person who was called “The World’s Most Beautiful Animal”. Born Ava Lavinia Gardner on December 24, 1922, she started her career as an actress in 1941 after Larry Tarr, her sister Beatrice’s husband, displayed her picture in front of the Tarr Photography Studio on Fifth Avenue, New York. Barnard Duhan, a Loews Theatres legal clerk, saw Ava’s picture and commented, “Somebody should send her info to MGM”. She didn’t play a lead role from 1941 to 1945 due to the fact that her Carolina drawl was incomprehensible, but her biggest break came in 1946 when she starred in the film The Killers. MGM touted her as the world’s most beautiful animal because she was really beautiful, charming and alluring.

  • What is the difference between Rap and Hip Hop?
    What is the difference between Rap and Hip Hop?
    Even though these 2 genres are often grouped together into a single category, there are differences between the two, and some of the differences are even significant. Something that used to be an identifier but is not really recognized too much anymore is that hip hop described the culture and rap music was one of the subcategories of hip hop. Other subcategories of hip hop were break dancing, graffiti and DJing. As time went on the difference between the two was basically that hip hop was usually slower and rap was very fast and had a stronger tempo. Nowadays rap can be slow too so the lines get further blurred.

  • Why does the movie industry have so much capital?
    Why does the movie industry have so much capital?
    The simple answer is that the movie industry earns so much capital because once the movie has been filmed and released (which costs a lot of money by itself), every time the movie is played in a theater or on television, the movie earns more money. So if you consider a theater actor or actress, they can only earn the money from the people attending the shows at one theater at a time. They have to keep performing the play or act over and over again in order to earn more money. With movies, they release the film nation wide and even world wide and each time that happens, they earn more money. That does not even take into consideration future revenue of allowing a Streaming service to show it or DVDs of the film.

  • What is Kurt Cobain's daughter's full name?
    What is Kurt Cobain's daughter's full name?
    Frances Bean Cobain. Kurt Cobain who has his full name as “Kurt Donald Cobain” is an American musician, singer and songwriter. He was born on the 20th day of February, 1967 at Aberdeen; a city in Washington. He formed the “Nirvana” musical band in 1987 and later went on to release a debut album titled “Bleach” in the year 1989. Kurt Cobain died on the 8th day of April, 1994 in his Seattle located home. During his lifetime, he sold about 25 million copies of his album in America and about 75 million in the entire world. After his death, he got a posthumous induction to the Roll and Roll Hall of Fame in the year 2014. The name of his daughter is Frances Bean Cobain and she was born on August 18th, 1992."

  • Who is Alan Greenspan's current wife?
    Who is Alan Greenspan's current wife?
    The answer to this is letter A., Andrea Mitchell. For those who do not know, Andrea Mitchell is an NBC journalist who has been working for the network for over 40 years. The fact that she has lasted for decades says a lot not only about her loyalty but also her skill. She is estimated to earn about $750 thousand every year. She and Alan Greenspan married in 1997 but they were together for a long time before their marriage. Mitchell was previously married to Gil Jackson but they divorced back in the 1970s. Alan Greenspan used to be the Formal Reserve Chair as well.

  • How can I be talented in multiple areas?
    How can I be talented in multiple areas?
    First of all, if it is something you are learning to do, such as dancing, singing, playing the guitar, or writing poetry, the key is to practice. There is a reason it is said that practice makes perfect, which means that the only way to improve is to practice. You should practice until you become adept at self-correction. Practice enough so that you can both notice and correct errors in your execution of the specific ability that you are attempting to acquire. Once you have completed a disciplined practice routine, you will likely reach this point. Second, always be persistent and consistent. Keep setting small attainable goals and keep a positive attitude until you reach the point where you are talented in the area that you are trying to master. Hard work and dedication will help you in every area.

  • How can I overcome my stage fear?
    How can I overcome my stage fear?
    There are many tricks and tips for overcoming stage freight. First of all, you should focus your attention on thoughts and images that are calming and reassuring. Second, there are several classic or traditional examples of advice for overcoming stage freight that may be outdated now, and you should keep this in mind when speaking in public. One example we have all heard is to try to picture the audience in their underwear. The thought behind this is that because you may have a fear that the audience can see you are nervous or they are judging you, then it is best to have the upper hand. Another piece of advice is to pick someone you know and trust in the audience and keep your focus on them. All you have to do is to pretend you are performing for just the one person. This particular bit of advice is better because having that contact to rely on when you are feeling like you are losing your grip or control.

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