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Did you know that the word ‘theater’ came from the Greek word ‘theatron’, meaning ‘seeing places’. To learn more such interesting facts and trivia play the online drama quizzes and be entertained.
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    _____ is the person responsible for the direction of the actors in a play, that is, the one who determines such matters as the tempo, interpretation, and the blocking of the actors.

This is a multiple choice end of course exam for Advanced Theatre Arts Grade 8.

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    What is the theatre term that means the process in which an actor tries out for a part in a play?

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    Drink of choice?

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    Which part of a Greek play  would give the BACKGROUND of the story?

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    What the first cinematographic genre?

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Theatre Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Drama and Melodrama?
Drama is an ancient word which connotes the representation of an idea through the use of dialogue and action. It is a simple act of presenting a storyline with the activities of many actors and actresses to fit into a particular character and convey
Who dies at the end of Rigoletto?
Gilda died at the end of Rigoletto. Sparafucile (a hired assassin) agrees to kill anyone who comes to his door to knock before midnight and if no one comes the Duke will die. Gilda sacrifice herself. She knocks on the door of Sparafucile and she was
What is the correct order of the rehearsal process?
Rehearsals are important to achieve the perfect result when performing the final take. They ensure that everything goes smoothly and any unforeseen problems are caught beforehand. Rehearsals also have a theme and a proper manner. In the correct order
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