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"All the world's a stage", as the great English playwright, William Shakespeare once said. Are you ready to take center stage and play your part in these quizzes? We have a lot of questions in queue about "plays". So, what is your genre of preference? Do you enjoy the lighter aspect of things and go for comedy? Or do you prefer the heavier side of tragedy and drama.

Are you familiar with the works of other playwrights as well? How good are you at trivia about Broadway? One thing's for sure. This marks act one of our quizzes about plays. Do your best because this is no dress rehearsal. Come on and stop playing the waiting game. If you love "plays" then give our quizzes a go... Break a leg!

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  • The Chorus refers to the Atreidae. Who are they?
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  • The Chorus also refers to the "child of Tyndareus." Who is this?
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  • The Chorus again says:"At home there tarries like a lurking snake, Biding its time, a wrath unreconciled, A wily watcher, passionate to slake, In blood, resentment for a murdered child."Who is this snake? 
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  • What did Nora's father used to call her?
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  • What does Torvald compare Nora to throughout A3P2?
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  • Where does Nora decide to go when she says she is leaving Torvald?
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