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The education that a person receives can have a huge impact on their future – but not all education is created equally. From Head Start programs and pre-K enrollments to colleges and universities – and even beyond to advanced graduate work! – education is a huge part of many of our lives.

Technology and globalization have even opened the door to new forms of education such as e-learning and teleteaching; even while old and familiar methods like homeschooling thrive in certain places too. In some countries, access to education is even considered a basic human right!

Do you feel pretty well educated about the history and practice of education – or are you just looking for a way to procrastinate on your homework for a while? Either way, take our quizzes on education to learn more! 

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  • What are the three criteria that a presenting patient must meet (at least one of the three) in order to make the case an ESI level 2?

  • A person should be considered for a higher acuity rating if the patient presents how soon after their previous visit for the same complaint that is not resolved?

  • A 10-day old infant is brought to the Emergency Department in triage to which the mother states she measured a fever of 101.9 F at home. The current temperature of the patient in the triage department is 99.0 F rectally.  The patient is appropriate for age, sleeping but arousable, skin pink and dry, and the mucous membranes are moist.  What ESI level are you going to assign to this patient? 

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