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Which one of the following RLC modes is used to add the least amount of delay to user traffic?
When you add a RLC mode, it is likely to cause delays in user traffic. These delays are unavoidable. Hover, the different RLC modes can cause different types of delays. Some can be smaller while other are longer than usual. The transparent mode (TC)
What is the difference between UCSD and SDSU?
UCSD is the abbreviation for University of California, San Diego. While SDSU is the abbreviation for San Diego State University. The two universities are located in the United States of America and there are some differences between the two univers
What is the PBCH scrambled with?
The physical cell ID is an identification of a cell at the physical layer. It has a similar role as a primary scrambling code of UMTS cell. Physical cell ID is mainly used by UE to decode physical layer data, which is transmitted by eNodeB. There can
Who are the founders of APA?
1. Henry A. Callis2. Charles Henry Chapman3. George Biddle Kelley4. Nathaniel Allison Murray5. Robert H. Ogle6. Vertner Woodson Tandy7. James H. Morton