Is Distance Learning Right For You?

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Is Distance Learning Right For You? - Quiz

Fitting your studies around a busy home life and other commitments can be tricky. But independent studying can be a bigger challenge than you may first think. Take the quiz to find out what study setup works best for you.

You May Get

Mostly As = You were born to do distance learning

You’re independent and proactive and you don’t need someone looking over your shoulder to check you’re being productive. You thrive when you have the opportunity to set your own goals – so get back to the books and learn from the comfort of your own (quiet and secluded) home. AAT has many great distance learning options available for those whose life and study patterns are better suited to studying at home. Find out more here.

Mostly Bs = Distance learning could be for you

Though you may sometimes need a little nudge to keep going when your motivation falters, don’t fear because most distance learning programmes have dedicated tutors on hand to keep you focused and on the right track. Learning resources are varied too so don’t right it off as an option too soon!

Mostly Cs = Stick to the classroom

Don’t be ashamed  distance learning isn’t for everyone, many of us learn better in a classroom setting with a teacher talking through topics and with our peers at our sides to collaborate with. You’d no doubt miss the social side of learning at college and could end up splitting your day between Facebook and Flappy Bird if left to your own devices.
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You’re given a project to do, would you rather...
    • A. 

      Work independently and set your own milestones

    • B. 

      Check in with your tutor every few weeks for guidance

    • C. 

      Have regular contact with your tutor to check how it’s going

  • 2. 
    Throughout a normal study day you tend to…
    • A. 

      Strike a balance between solid productivity and necessary breaks

    • B. 

      Work well for a few hours but lose track as the day goes on

    • C. 

      Struggle to focus and stop yourself from procrastinating

  • 3. 
    You learn best when…
    • A. 

      Reading aloud to yourself and learning from textbooks independently

    • B. 

      You have a mix of reading alone and group work where you can collaborate

    • C. 

      Someone talks you through the topic and you can discuss it with peers

  • 4. 
    At home your working environment is…
    • A. 

      Quiet and secluded with lots of room to spread study resources out

    • B. 

      Peaceful most of the time – but that’s not always guaranteed

    • C. 

      Chaotic! You don’t have your own space and there can be lots of disruption

  • 5. 
    At school the lessons you enjoyed most were…
    • A. 

      The ones where you were left to get on with it and work alone

    • B. 

      The ones where teachers varied teaching methods and kept you engaged

    • C. 

      The ones where you could sit with your friends and work in groups

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