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Hello! Salut! Ciao! No matter the language, they all mean more or less the same thing. There are so many languages in the world right now that it would be impossible for one person to even come in direct contact with all of them during a lifetime. But we think that this kind of diversity should be celebrated and so we have the language quizzes for you.

You should try the samples first before you start them. What is the most spoken romance language in the entire world right now? What is the name of the most spoken eastern romance language? To what branch of languages does English belong? What are the two main languages spoken in Belgium? Become fluent in every language with our language quizzes.
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Naputak za rješavanje testa.   Za rješavanje testa imate na raspolaganju 45 minuta. Vaša zadaća je da na svako pitanje i ponuđene odgovore odlučite koji je odgovor od ponuđenih točan. Kada se...

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    Što je kolnik? (Priručnik, strana 1-6)

Preguntas para Practicar Para el examen teorico de Manejar de New Jersey

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    La ley le permite a ud. doblar a la derecha después de para en la luz roja, excepto cuando:

Practice Quiz for Unit 1 Chapter 1

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    Yo vivo en un _________ muy bonito.

Gjuhe ShqipeGjuhe AnglezeMatematike

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    Cilat jane peremrat lidhor?

Test para saber a que personaje de naruto te pareces que lo disfrutes :)

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Language Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Risky and Risqué?
Although they both originate from the French word, the words “risky” and “risqué” are not the same as they mean different things. Risky is the adjective form of the word “risk.” This word describes the likel
What is the difference between Explicit and Implicit?
Explicit and Implicit are two words of the English language that have a similar meaning. Explicit is used in a sentence to define something that has been explained thoroughly with no room for confusion. An example of explicit in a sentence is "M
What literary technique this example "Flaming ice" is?
The oxymoron is a term for a figure of speech that is made up of two or more words that appear to be the opposite of each other, or they genuinely are the opposite of each other. An excellent example of this is “jumbo shrimp.” An oxymoron
What is the difference between Dutch and German?
Dutch happens to be a Germanic language which is spoken in several European countries. The few countries where Dutch is spoken as their native language include Suriname, Netherlands, and Belgium. Some communities in Germany and France also speak Dutc