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  • What literary technique this example "Flaming ice" is?
    What literary technique this example "Flaming ice" is?
    The oxymoron is a term for a figure of speech that is made up of two or more words that appear to be the opposite of each other, or they genuinely are the opposite of each other. An excellent example of this is “jumbo shrimp.” An oxymoron is a rhetorical device that uses self-contradiction to demonstrate a rhetorical point or to reveal a cleverly hidden paradox. It represents different terms; both teamed up to mean something that sounds ironic. Flaming ice is an oxymoron because ice is supposed to be cold, and blazing ice makes it look as if the ice was so hot that it is on fire. The literal meaning of an oxymoron is a sharp moron.

  • Which of the following is an example of a hyperbole? (You may choose more then one answer)
    Which of the following is an example of a hyperbole? (You may choose more then one answer)
    1. I ve read that book a million times.2. His brain is smaller than a grain of rice3. She is as fast as a cheetah

  • What is the difference between GAWK and AWK?
    What is the difference between GAWK and AWK?
    It is usually considered that AWK is the plain version of the command while the GAWK is considered to be similar to some of the extra features that you may need. This might mean that you want to use the GAWK soon, but it should be remembered that once you use GAWK, you will be stuck with that certain implementation. GAWK is considered to be easier when you know that you do not need to change things, and you want to make the script that you have easier to write. Use AWK when you know that you need to make possible changes in the long run so that you do not have to redo everything.

  • What is the difference between Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese?
    What is the difference between Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese?
    Mandarin and Cantonese are similar because they both have their origins traced to China and both of the dialects are still spoken in the country. Mandarin is the main dialect of Chinese and is also the official language spoken in Taiwan and Singapore. The capital city of Beijing sees Mandarin as the official language. Cantonese is the official language that is spoken in Hong Kong and also sees it being mainly used in places such as Macau and is very big in the Guangdong province of the country. It is widely stated that the reason that international Chinese communities throughout the world mainly speak Cantonese is that a vast amount of Chinese immigrants came from Guangdong. The major difference between Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese is that Mandarin is the official language of China and the most widely spoken. Cantonese is the native language of Hong Kong and one that sees it spoken a lot throughout other Chinese areas throughout the world.

  • Why is German so different from other European languages?
    Why is German so different from other European languages?
    The reason that the German language is much different than other languages in Europe is that more people speak it. German is the second most spoken language in Europe and is one that has a broad scope across the continent. Most of the other European languages are ones that stay native to the area where they originated from. Dutch is the closest to German of all the languages that are spoken in Europe. The language has been influential in other countries throughout Europe and the world and that is because of the huge impact that it has had. Books are widely published throughout the world in the German language. Officially, German is the official language of six countries throughout Europe. It is recognized as a minor language in 13 other countries all throughout the world. It's major difference is that more people speak German than other languages across Europe.

  • Why does the Canadian Prime minister tweets in English as well as French?
    Why does the Canadian Prime minister tweets in English as well as French?
    Canada is a country that is known for having two main languages. There are certain parts of Canada who are known for speaking French and their certain parts of Canada that are known for speaking English. Therefore, it seems that is common practice to relay messages in English and in French so that everyone can understand was being said. Most likely this occurs when it is being broadcasted across the country or in parts of the country where both English and French are spoken. Therefore, it is not unusual that the Canadian prime minister speaks in English and in French. He would want everyone to know what he’s saying and some people in Canada speak only one of those two languages.

  • What are the greatest coincidences between various languages?
    What are the greatest coincidences between various languages?
    There are several coinicdences between the various languages of the world. The biggest coinicdence is that they all have a common code of communication. While they may have different charachters and ways of describing things, they still have that way of executing. The way that vowels and consonants are used is another similarity between different languages. There are also having common origins. There are a lot of languages that comes from the exact same areas. Latin and Italian are two good examples. Then there is the similarity of the languages having huge amounts of native speakers from all around the world. It is certainly a very good thing that languages can be translated and the similarities between two languages can be most certainly found. It can certainly lead to the fact that just about every language in the world have some kind of common bond. Language and their similarities certainly is what makes the world go around.

  • What is the difference between Arabic, Persian and Urdu?
    What is the difference between Arabic, Persian and Urdu?
    The biggest difference between the Arabic, Persian, and Urdu languages is that they all come from different areas. Arabic got its start in the Middle East and to this very day is the majority language that is spoken in the region. Where Arabic was a language that was spread and spoken all tthroughout the Middle East, Persian was a language that only was spoken in the area of Iran. Urdu is most closely related to India but also has its founding near what was the location of the Persian Empire. While these languages could be said to be located in somewhat close and near regions, the completixty of the different languages allowed for so many different languages to be able to survive during the time period. There are also the differences in dialects, pronunciations, and the meanings of words amongst the three languages. All three languages are noted as being three of the oldest and cultural rich languages in the world today. All three are also widely spoken all throughout the Middle East and Arab regions.

  • Why is German tougher than other Romance languages?
    Why is German tougher than other Romance languages?
    The reason that German is harder to learn than other Romance languages such as Spanish and French is that the words are spoken and conjugated a lot different. The gender of words are hard to understand in German where in Spanish it can usually be determined by the ending of the word. Spanish words are usually smaller and more easier to pronounce as compared to German. The romance languages such as French and Spanish are more commonly spoken throughout other places in the world especially the United States.The reason for this is that they easier to understand than German. All of the romance languages are nice but the bottom line is that German is harder to learn than say Spanish and French. While German has been around for a very long time, it is complex and the different elocution that comes with it makes it somewhat more difficult to learn as compared to some of the other romance languages.

  • What is the difference between Explicit and Implicit?
    What is the difference between Explicit and Implicit?
    Explicit and Implicit are two words of the English language that have a similar meaning. Explicit is used in a sentence to define something that has been explained thoroughly with no room for confusion. An example of explicit in a sentence is "Mom explicitly explained my punishment if I didn't eat my vegetables". The word implicit is used when something is implied. An example of implicit in a sentence is "She implicitly said she liked my Nike sneakers, by saying she likes all sneaker brands except Adidas". In poetry, implicit communication is preferred for it communicates indirectly, which is why most poetry is difficult to understand.

  • Who compiled the Oxford dictionary?
    Who compiled the Oxford dictionary?
    The Oxford Dictionary was first published in the year of 1884. Over the next 40 years the Oxford English Dictionary was published in installments. The newest edition was published in 1989 and is presented in 20 volumes. It was the Philiological Society of London that first came up with the idea of the Oxford Dictionary back in the 1850's. A school master from Scotland by the name of James Murray was the first editor of the Oxford Dictionary thus he along with the Oxford University Press are the ones who compiled the Oxford English Dictionary. It is a strong reference book that is used by all kinds of schools and universities all throughout the modern world. Online publishing and access has also brought on a whole new light when it comes to the Oxford English Dictionary.

  • What are the similarities between Portuguese and Spanish?
    What are the similarities between Portuguese and Spanish?
    One major similarity between Portugese and Spanish is that linguists believe that they both have their origins in the Romance language of West Iberian or what is also known as Hispano Iberian. The two languages also share some of the same words. As a matter of fact is has been said that if a person becomes an advanced speaker of Spanish then they should pretty much have no problem in learning Portugese rather quickly. The biggest similarity with Portugese and Spanish again is that they have the same origins. The words are similar and the pronunciation of the words and the accents on letters are pretty much the same. These languages are two of the most spoken all around the world and they have always been recognized as two of the most beautifully spoken as well.

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