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German is a West Germanic language, spoken in parts of Europe, deriving from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European family. A lot of German words are derived from the Latin and Greek families, and fewer words derive from French and English. Did you know that the Luxembourgish, Dutch, the Frisian, English and Scandinavian all sound similar to the German language?
Take these informational German quizzes and find out everything you need to know about the German language and its' history! When you feel like having a little fun, take the personality quizzes to find out which German celebrity you are most like, or which German word suits you best! Never a dull moment with these German quizzes!

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How many letters are in the German word for clothes?
Clothes are plural so umkleidungen and so 12. If u ask after singual word then write clothing or idk. at least indicate that you mean clothes in singular:O
What does Sie hat ein Schwarze Anorak und eine Bluse mean?
I put in the correct answer and it said i got it wrong... How tf???
Which is the most famous festival of Germany?
One of Germany's most famous festivities and the world's largest fair, Oktoberfest is a fifteen-day celebration of Bavarian beer. It is an essential part of Bavarian culture. It has taken place annually since 1810. More than six million people come t
What are the four contemporary conceptions of violence in the US?
The first view is associated with the established financial and political interests in the country. it identifies the violent with the illegal, and condemns all challenges to the authority of the state and all assaults on the rights of property as be