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  • Which mountain range separates Europe from Asia?
    Which mountain range separates Europe from Asia?
    The Ural Mountains is a natural border between Europe and Asia. It is actually the only mountain chain that acts as a border between two continents. The mountain chain runs down through Russia. They are over 1500 miles long. Mount Narodnaya is the highest point in the mountain chain in which it stands over 6,000 feet high. There are several different sections of this mountain chain. There are the Polar Urals, Northern Urals, Middle Urals, Southern Urals and the Neither-polar Urals. The Southern Urals are complicated in which there are many gorges and equal edges that line the sky. The climate varies to the different parts of the chain, but the mountains located in the west have a milder climate than those in the east due to the wind blowing from the western direction.

  • Which of the following has a reputation for being a 'reluctant' member of the European Union?
    Which of the following has a reputation for being a 'reluctant' member of the European Union?
    United KingdomThis reluctance was most in evidence shortly after Britian joined the EU in 1973. Two years later, a referendum was held asking voters whether they wanted to remain in the EU. The great majority of members of the Conservative Party were extremely hostile to the EU during the 1990s.

  • In which treaty was the name 'The European Union' first used?
    In which treaty was the name 'The European Union' first used?
    Maastricht is the correct Answer. The Maastricht Treaty (formally, the Treaty on European Union) undertaken to integrate Europe was signed on 7 February,1992 by the members of the European Community in Maastricht, Netherlands.

  • Code for Nice?
    Code for Nice?
    Hi Johnthe 3 letter code for NICE, France, is NCE

  • Why did English nobles demand the Magna Carta (what was its purpose)?
    Why did English nobles demand the Magna Carta (what was its purpose)?
    Sudden high taxes from englands war with france infuriated nobles. a group of rebellious barons armed for battle and forced king john to sign the magna carta. this document guaranteed certain rights for english nobility, the church, and to a lesser extent, the commoners. it prevented freemen from arbitrary arrest, imprisonment, and legal action without legal judgement. it also prevented new taxes being imposed without the great coucils consent. it gave nobles rights and later all people had the rights. it also forced the king to acknowledge the rights of the people, and he had to obey the law just like anyone else. this was the first time nobles exercised control over their monarch. they brought an end to the absolute monarchy in england.

  • What was the impact of the Peace of Westphalia on Germany and the Holy Roman Empire?
    What was the impact of the Peace of Westphalia on Germany and the Holy Roman Empire?
    The two treaties of munster and osnabruck, commonly known as the peace of westphalia, was the culminating element for the holy roman empire in the thirty years war. it established a final religious settlement and provided for new political boundaries for the german states of central europe. the impact of the peace of westphalia was broad and long-standing, as it dictated the future of germany and ex-territories of the holy roman empire for some time to come.the peace of westphalia put down the counter reformation in germany and instituted the final religious arrangement the german states had been crying for. it renewed the terms of the peace of augsburg, namely that each state of the empire received the liberty to be either lutheran or catholic as it chose; no individual freedom of religion was permitted. if a ruler or a free city decided for lutheranism, then all persons had to be lutheran. similarly in catholic states all had to be catholic. in addition to re-instituting the peace of augsburg in its traditional form, the peace of westphalia included calvinism to lutheranis

  • Who is the president of the European Union?
    Who is the president of the European Union?
    There is no european president-referring to the president of the european council as the president of the european union is by far the most common modern error in the international media. this usage is misleading because the post presides over the european councilan institution of the eurather than presiding over the eu as a whole. prior to the treaty of lisbon, each member state (in turn) took the responsibilities of both the presidency of the european council and the presidency of the council of the european union. the press frequently summarised these responsibilities to the shorthand tag eu presidency or eu president, both for the country holding it or its political leader. nevertheless, this, too, was a misnomer. the commission presidency has had fewer mentions using this term, despite being the one with the most powers.

  • Which Member State is the smallest in area?
    Which Member State is the smallest in area?
    1. MaltaBy both population and size, its Malta. Malta has 405,000 of the EUs 495 million people, and is 316 square kilometres in size, out of the EUs total size of 4,324,782 square kilometres.

  • What currency was reintroduced into Lithuania in 1993?
    What currency was reintroduced into Lithuania in 1993?
    Litas were reintroduced. LTL symbolized as Lt is the currency of Lituania. It is divided into cents or Cintas. The name fashioned after the name of the country is similar to Lavita and Lats and was first introduced in 1922. After WWI, when Lithuania declared independence and was reintroduced in 1993. The euro was expected to take the place of the litas by January 2007, but continued high inflation and the economic crisis postponed the switch. In January 2015, the litas was switched to the euro. In the face of worldwide depression, the litas appeared to be a reliable and stable currency.

  • What European nation uses the forint as its currency?
    What European nation uses the forint as its currency?
    Hungary is the country in Europe that uses Forint as it’s currency. It formerly divided into 100 filler, but filler coins are no longer in circulation. The introduction of the forint was in 1946. It was a crucial step in the post WWII stabilization of the Hungarian economy. The currency remained relatively stable until the 1980's. Conversion to a market economy in the early 1990's adversely affected the value of the forint. Inflation peaked in 1991, and since 2001, inflation is in single digits, and the forint was declared fully convertible. The long-term goal may be to replace the forint with the euro, but that might not happen until the 2020's.

  • What is the capital of Eire?
    What is the capital of Eire?
    The capital city in Ireland in Dublin, which is also the largest city. The city is in an urban area. Dublin became Ireland's principal city after the Norman invasion. The city proliferated after the 17th century, and it was briefly the second largest city in the British Empire before the Acts of the Union in 1800. Following the partition of Ireland in 1922, Dublin became the capital of the Irish Free State, which was later retitled as Ireland. The city of Dublin is an historical and contemporary center for education, the arts, and administration. The Dublin Castle is the most treasured Dublin landmark.

  • Who is regarded as the 'chief architect' of European Unity?
    Who is regarded as the 'chief architect' of European Unity?
    B is the answer to this question. Who is Jean Monnet? This political economist and diplomat are one of the founding fathers of the European Union. What is the European Union for? This is supposed to be a process wherein the different countries in Europe will work with each other in order to fill in for the needs of each country. At the same time, the countries under the union will provide the items that are in excess to those who lack those items. This is meant to improve the different sectors of the country. This union is composed of 28 members and not all countries in Europe can be a part of the union. Only those that are approved will be allowed to take part.

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