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Europe is one of the smaller continents in terms of area, but it's had a huge impact on world history, and also has a large number of diverse countries within it. Whilst each individual nation is proud of its own identity, many of them are now grouped together under the umbrella of the European Union. This is a movement that guarantees free movement and free trade between its members, and is increasingly taking an active political control over its members as well.

If you're a student of international trade or politics, you should do well when you play our European Union quizzes. How many member states make up the European Union? In which country is Maastricht, famed for its treaty? Where is the European parliament based? Let's see if you can create a union between our questions and the correct answers.
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How much do you know about the European Union and its member states? Try your best to solve the following questions, and you might be crowned as the EU champion. Well, not really, it's just a fun...

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  • Sample Question
    Which treaty eventually led to the establishment of the European Union?  

Prepared By B. SRINIVASAN, B.T.Asst., (HISTORY),GHS , GANGALERI - 635 122, KRISHNAGIRI DT & www.Padasalai.Net  

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    European Union traces its origin from the

Now we are going to learn some important information about the european union. Have fun.

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    Why was the European Coal and Steel community founded?  

This quiz is organised by Insafe, the European internet safety awareness network, to mark Safer Internet Day 2010, 9 February. You have to be between 9-15 years of age to take the quiz and qualify for a prize. The quiz reflects...

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    I accept all "friend" requests I get, even from people I don’t know. I would love to have the most contacts among all my friends!

Quiz on European Union

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    President of the EU comission:

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