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Related Topics

  • Which places in France should you visit?
    Which places in France should you visit?
    In France, there are many places to visit. Some of those places one should not miss out on when there. One is, of course, the city of Paris which has within it the Louvre where the famous painint of Mona Lisa is. Also, the River Seine. Other landmarks of interest are the Eiffel Tower and the Gothic Notre-Dame cathedra. Then, there is Nice with the French Rivera and Marseille which is a gorgous and interesting port city in south France. It has a long and rich history and a very old port called the Vieux-Port which even means "Old Port". France is a wonderful country to behold so don't miss the best things there when you go.

  • Which French monument is this?
    Which French monument is this?
    There's a spelling mistake : it's la grAnde arche de la Défense

  • Why did a fire break out in Notre Dame in 2019?
    Why did a fire break out in Notre Dame in 2019?
    A fire broke out in Notre Dame in 2019 and the cause still isn't known but what is known is that arson has officially been ruled out. The Cathedral is located in Paris, France. The first fire alarm sounded on Monday, April 15 at 6:20 p.m. It wasn't until around 11 p.m. that it was finally put out. The cathedral waspromptly evacuated at the first sign of the fire. There is a thorough investigation going on but it will be some time before the facts are all in because there are 50 investigators working on the case. More than 500 firefighters helped to put the big blaze out. One firefighter was seriiously injured while fighting the fire. Fans of the cathedral are crushed but it was not all lost and is supposed to be restored in time.

  • Why is Notre Dame visited more than the Eiffel Tower?
    Why is Notre Dame visited more than the Eiffel Tower?
    Notre Dame is visited more than the Eiffel Tower, or at least it was before tragedy struck. It is one of the top spots to go when in Paris because it is super rich in history. The famous Notre Dame Cathedral was actually the landmark that was most visited last yeawr. It boasted 13.6 million visitors. That is incredible but then again, so is Notre Dame. Now, that it has been damaged, it is expected that it may draw even more people who want to show their respects. Some of it was saved though. It is sad what happened to it but it will be revived, no doubt.

  • Why does France have such a diverse culture than other parts of Europe?
    Why does France have such a diverse culture than other parts of Europe?
    France has a more diverse culture than many other parts of Europe have. The culture has been shaped largely by geography for one thing. It has also been very welcoming of different ethnic groups and has not bothered to be strict on doccumentation of such. High culture has been a part of France since the 17th century, especially in the city of Paris. Employers in France, in general, hire foreign people freely which is a huge reason the country is diversified. Some of it's welcoming of other cultures has gotten it into trouble but for the most part, it is thought of as very nice that they let just about anyone in.

  • What is the meaning of the glass pyramid outside the Louvre?
    What is the meaning of the glass pyramid outside the Louvre?
    The glass pyramid outside the Louvre is shrouded in mystery. No one is really sure of what it means because it is very odd. It has triangles and diamonds. It is said that there were some strange things that went on back when the place was a castle so how could someone really know what is behind the glass pyramind? It is a very modern imposing building even still and certainly was back in the day. Astronomy was used greatly in the building of it which made it all the more mysterious. From the exact number of panes of glass to all the other details of the specs, there is certainly more to this pyramid than we know. We just don't know what that is. Will we ever know? Doubtfully so.

  • What is the Capital of France?
    What is the Capital of France?
    (B) Paris The city of Paris is the French capital.

  • Why was the Notre Dame constructed?
    Why was the Notre Dame constructed?
    The Notre Dame Cathedral was constructed in the honor of the Virgin Mary. Even the names translates to mean "Our Lady of Paris". It is a huge attraction in Paris, France. It is one of the finest French Gothic creations in existence which makes it all the more popular for visitors and locals alike. It has huge rose windows and has a rib vault and flying buttress. The buttress was the first of its kind ever built. While many marvel at the architectural work, others are stunned by the feeling of spirituality they get by going there. It is built with the intent of naturalism. In 2019, the cathedral burned but some was saved and it is expected to be rebuilt. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

  • When was the Louvre made?
    When was the Louvre made?
    The Louvre was made way back in 1789. It served as a royal palace for over two centuries prior to that and then it was turned into a museum. The famous architect, Pierre Lescot, took over when the original one, Francis, died. Real progress was achieved in 1789 on the construction. So, although it had been started, it's not really considered to have been completed until then. The museum officially opened On August 10, It went over very well and was enjoyed by many. It had a showing exhibitioon of 37 paintings when it opened. It continued to be a huge attraction in the area. Now, people come from near and far to enjoy all that it has to offer, both in the building and inside of it.

  • Why is Paris so famous as a tourist destination?
    Why is Paris so famous as a tourist destination?
    Paris has been a famous destination city for tourists for centuries. It has a lot to offer - history, romance, fine dining, museums, and...the list goes on. Last year alone, 17.95 million tourists went to visit the fine city. Sightseeing and shopping are the main reasons people go there. Why do they go? For one, they have heard of Paris and the glory of Paris, all their lives and vast culture. And, Paris makes sure they want to come and that they want to go back by placing a lot of emphasis on travel and tourism. They sink a lot of money in making sure tourists have a great time and that they have plenty to do and places to eat and stay during their time. Paris citizens are dependent upon tourism for their money so they want to keep the city one that people want to visit.

  • Why is Paris considered as a romantic city?
    Why is Paris considered as a romantic city?
    There are a number of reasons as to why Paris is called a place of Romance or love. Paris is one of the beautiful places in the world, many people particularly couples visit Paris for vacation. If there is one place every couple wants to visit, that would be Paris, the Eiffel Tower is a symbol of love, thousands of engagement and marriage proposals are being held in Eiffel Tower yearly. The great beautiful lights in there will make the total difference and makes it so romantic. From the top of the tower, you can have an impressive view of the city. Beautiful museums are there for couples to visit and enjoy their stay. Another reason is the type of food and drinks specifically wine that is available for couples. No doubt at all, Paris hosts and have the best set of foods and wines that can be served anywhere in the world. Nothing is so obscured about the greatness of France wine, it's refined taste is definitely what is separating it from the rest.

  • Why is necrophilia legal in France?
    Why is necrophilia legal in France?
    Necrophilia is a form of sexual intercourse or attraction towards the corpses. Like most countries, France has its own bizarre laws and practices, part of which is the law backing necrophilia. France and some other countries allow necrogamy, a kind of marriage in which one of the participating members is dead. It is also called posthumous marriage. The reason as to why the practice was made legal was as a result of a sudden dam broke which killed four hundred people. A woman who lost her husband to be, pleaded with the then president, Charles De Gaulle to allow her to continue with the wedding. As a result of this, after some months a law was made permitting that kind of practice. According to the law, anyone who wants this type of marriage will first send a request to the president of France and the president will send it to the justice minister before the wedding can be granted.