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Italy rhymes with style, culture, classical music, great painters and everything related to beauty and art. The Italian people have given us some of history’s most celebrated artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci or Raphael.

Christopher Columbus himself was Italian. But there surely are some things about Italy that you don’t know and you can find out what those are by taking our quizzes.

You’ll find all sorts of questions about Italy such as: What great Empire of Classical Antiquity started from Italy and became the only superpower of its era? What was the name of the Italian painter author of the painting “Assumption of the Virgin”? When did Italy become a sovereign state? All of Italia is watching you so you cannot disappoint.
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Italy is one of the world's most important regions for the production of art and has been so for two thousand years. It is the home of Michelangelo who is considered to be one of the best artists that ever lived. How much do...

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    What does the Italian term "Bella Figura" mean?

Italy is in south-central Europe, which is home to many well-known and influential civilizations, including the Etruscans, Samnites and the Romans.  Italy is famous for its art, music, style, clothing and iconic...

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    What is the capital of Italy

Italy is a very beautiful country and I am not saying this because of the amazing pizza. The city is home to a lot of historical monuments that hold sometimes unbelievable stories about Europe as a whole. How much do you know...

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    In Italy, what does a gift of yellow flowers suggest?

Answer all multiple choice questions.

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    Which of the great European powers was the last to achieve political unity?

Below is geography of Italy trivia quiz: the people. When you ask someone of what comes to mind when they think of Italy, the pope and Rome and ancient buildings are going to be among the first things people think of. Have you...

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    What does Pax Romana mean?

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Italy Questions & Answers

Why was Italian leader Giulio Andreotti pardoned from his jail sentence in 2002?
The collapse of the Christian Democratic party left Andreotti susceptible to prosecution on innumerable counts of corruption. In 1995, Andreotti was indicted for selling political favors to the mafia. This resulted in a massively notorious "tria
What can you say about gorgeous Italy?
Italy is a sovereign state in Europe. It is located at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Italy has historically been home to many different cultures. Italy is home to more World Heritage Sites than any other nation in the world. These sites are cul