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  • What studio did the Beatles use to record 191 songs?
    What studio did the Beatles use to record 191 songs?
    The Beatles used EMI's Abbey Road Studios to record 191 of their songs. Abbey Road Studios is located in Saint John's Wood, City of Westminster, in London. Other notable artists to record there include Pink Floyd, Adele, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, and scores of others. At the end of 2009, the property was almost sold to property developers but the British Government granted the site English Heritage Grade II in 2010 which protects the studios from any major changes. Abbey Road Studios used to just be called EMI Recording Studios but was renamed in 1985 after The Beatles' album Abbey Road made the studio famous. The studio and the iconic crossing are considered a pilgrimage for Beatles' fans around the world, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

  • What note is this?
    What note is this?
    Music has a language, like so many other countries. It comprises of notes rather than individual alphabets. You need to learn these notes if you wish to pursue music and understand the art of making or reading it. A note is a pitch and duration of sound in music. It is described with a special symbol, that musicians have to learn just like the alphabet. There are 7 basic notes that are then subject to different rules to make them sound different. In this specific example the note is E. just changing the position of this symbol or adding different tones to it can change the way that it sounds.

  • What is the dynamic effect of gradually growing louder called?
    What is the dynamic effect of gradually growing louder called?
    The dynamic effect of gradually growing louder is called crescendo.

  • Who has a song called bad?
    Who has a song called bad?
    My answer was Michael Jackson and you called it "incorrect", but it was the correct answer.

  • What is the unique sound of each voice or instrument called? A. Melody B. Difference C. Tone Color D. Pitch
    What is the unique sound of each voice or instrument called? A. Melody B. Difference C. Tone Color D. Pitch
    The answer to this is letter C. Tone Color. Some people are more familiar with this as timbre. There are different types of sounds that you can hear in this world. You can expect that the pitch will always be different. The tone in sounds can be a bit confusing for some people. They do not understand that there are differences that should be noted depending on the sounds that they hear. The different types of sound productions can be used not only for the voices of people but also for the sounds that are made by the different instruments that are available. Remember that timbre is not characterized by how loud or how soft the sound is.

  • What is the name of the rock style that marked the 80's?
    What is the name of the rock style that marked the 80's?
    The opening years of the 1980s introduced us to a number of changes in personnel and direction of established hard rock acts. Glam metal came onto the scene, and it was also known as hair metal or hair bands. It generally features pop-influenced hooks and guitar riffs, and it's often fashioned loud and colorful. Glam metal is associated with flashy clothing, make-up, and it is notable for an overall androgynous style. The band members in Poison, for example, have long shaggy or backcombed hair, accessories, metal studs, leather, and make-up during live performances.

  • Who was the other performer, along Michael Jackson, to sing the song Say Say Say?
    Who was the other performer, along Michael Jackson, to sing the song Say Say Say?
    Say Say say is a popular song, originally performed by Michael Jackson. However, the popularity of the song drove many covers. One of the popular singers to sing the song is Paul McCartney. The elite vocals of both singers did the song justice and took it to the heights it now at. Say say say has touched the heart of many people and continues to do so. There are certain songs that have meaning and music, both of which complete the masterpiece. Say say say is one of those songs, hence being sung by two great artists of their era.

  • What year did Johnny Cash die?
    What year did Johnny Cash die?
    Johnny Cash died in the year 2003 which means that D is the answer to this question. Johnny Cash was an American singer and songwriter. He is still known to be one of the most famous singers of his time. He was able to sell millions of records and people who were already alive when his songs were hits still listen to his songs up to now. He was famous for also wearing only black clothes but this only happened because black is the only color that he and the rest of his teammates have. People know him as the man in black and would remember him more whenever his song “Man in Black” is played. Johnny Cash died because of some complications because of Diabetes.

  • What year did were the Beatles formed?
    What year did were the Beatles formed?
    The Beatles were formed in the year 1960. B is the answer to this question. This English rock band is composed of four members namely John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. This band may have started out as a simple band but as time went on, it became apparent that they were going to be big icons in the music industry. The Beatles’ members were more or less in their 20s when they first started and people have started to decide who among the members is going to be their favorite. They have more than 20 hit songs that a lot of newer singers have revived through the years.

  • Who confirmed his identity of Christopher Comstock?
    Who confirmed his identity of Christopher Comstock?
    The correct answer is letter B. Christopher Comstock, or more famously called as Marshmello, had his identity known at the start of his career in music producing and disc jockeying. He wears a custom helmet depending on the song or album he is performing but his trademark is the white bucket helmet that looks like a marshmallow. At his career’s beginning, Marshmello and Chris Comstock (who was known as Dotcom at that time) were often compared as their musical style is almost the same. He released singles that hit the mass and hiding his real identity might have contributed to his musical success. Until in a 2017 interview with Forbes when he accidentally referred Marshmello as Chris describing Marshmello and Chris shares the same birthday and tattoos.

  • How good is the Dido and Aeneas opera?
    How good is the Dido and Aeneas opera?
    Dido and Aeneas is an opera that has been performed for many years. Actually it has been in production for over 300 years. It was written by a man name Nahum Tate. It is based on the Aeneid which is a book that was written by Virgil in ancient history. The Opera which the Aeneid is based on was composed by an English composer named Henry Purcell. The Opera premiered in 1683 by a girls school in London. Today Dido and Aeneas it's still being performed after 300 years which makes it seem that it is a good production. In 2009 it's celebrated its 350th anniversary. When the Opera came to the United States, a girls school performed it but they added and took away a few elements from the original Opera in order for them to perform it.

  • How many albums has the group Mana sold to date?
    How many albums has the group Mana sold to date?
    Mana is a musical group that plays around the world. They are known for playing a variety of different types of music but they mainly stay within the rock type of music. They have had about seven or eight former members who left the band for various reasons and no longer play. Over time, the group has acquired more and more members so that now they have five key members who play in the band. Some of the players play only for the albums, whereas others play for the live performances. Then there are some that do both. Mana has been around for a long time. In 1986, they began playing in Mexico and they have not stopped due to their success. They have kept playing and have sold 18 million albums to date.

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