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    Johann Sebastian Bach belongs to the  ___________________ era.

A review of Chapter 6, Romantic Period in Music History.

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    Frederick Chopin wrote most of his music for the following instrument(s).

A music history quiz.

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    Who wrote the Clock symphony?

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Music History Questions & Answers

What is Lieder?
The correct answer is C. Lieder is music based on 18th and 19th century poetry. Composers attempted to portray the imagery and moods of the text with sound. Alternatively known as German art song, lieder is characterized by the setting of a poetic
Ludwig van Beethoven belongs to the ____________________ era.
He was in the classical and the romantic period. Listen to Beethoven's 9th and tell me it is not romantic.
Match each of these 20th century terms with their appropriate definitions.
Experimental artists or composers Use of chance or random methods Very emotional, often hysterical Music organized to use all twelve tones of the scale – dodecaphonic OCD twelve tone – everything is organized mathematically: form, melody, harmony