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If dance is the one thing that you think of every day and night, you're a true dance lover. Would you like to know which is the dance form that perfectly matches your personality? Indulge in our amazing online dance quizzes to know. Share the quizzes with friends to help them find their dance style.
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    Which Spanish dance is famous for the noise and passion with which it is performed?

If you long to be able to dance, but never seem to get around to learning, perhaps it's time to be honest about what's holding you back. Is there such a thing as a person who simply can't dance, no matter what?...

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    What age are you?

This quiz tests for dance terminology comprehension.

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    The foundation of ballet. A stance in which the legs are rotated outward from the hips so that the knees (and feet) point in opposite directions

A fun quiz to test your knowledge on Dance

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    Which of the following dances was developed first?

This quiz will help you decide what type of dance or dance classes are best of you! It will determine what dance you will like the best by matching it to your personality!!!

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    What is your favorite color?

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Dance Questions & Answers

What are the three levels in dance movement?
The answer is letter B. The three levels in dance movement are high, middle and low. When people talk about the levels in dance movement, they basically mean the different physical aspects that the dancer reaches while he or she is dancing. Dance use
How do you say dance in Arabic?
The Arabic language is spoken often especially in the Middle East. There are only four other languages that are spoken more in the world other than Arabic. The language in the Qu’ran is Arabic. The Qu’ran is known to be the book of the Mu
What elements are needed for proper dance posture?
Loose knees Relaxed arms Feet hip width Tucked pelvis Lifted sternum
What is the difference between Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi?
The Bharatnatyam is known to be a classical dance that stems from Tamil Nadu. The Kuchipudi comes from a different area called Andhra Pradesh. The Bharatnatyam is known to have more sculptured poses while the Kuchipudi is known to do more rounded pos