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  • What are the three levels in dance movement?
    What are the three levels in dance movement?
    The answer is letter B. The three levels in dance movement are high, middle and low. When people talk about the levels in dance movement, they basically mean the different physical aspects that the dancer reaches while he or she is dancing. Dance uses different body movements such as stretching, bending, twisting, jumping, swinging, swaying, shaking and collapsing. High-level primarily refers to movements that are either elevated or aerial in space. When a dancer jumps, leaps or hops, he or she is considered doing the high-level dance movement. Middle level refers to a dancer’s movement when he or she is standing but not in an upright position. The low level refers to floor work or any dance movement and action that take place on the floor. It includes walking and running.

  • How do you say dance in Arabic?
    How do you say dance in Arabic?
    The Arabic language is spoken often especially in the Middle East. There are only four other languages that are spoken more in the world other than Arabic. The language in the Qu’ran is Arabic. The Qu’ran is known to be the book of the Muslims. There are a few more letters in the Arabic language than in the English alphabet. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet and there are 28 letters in the Arabic language. In the Arabic language, dots are used. One dot can make the word mean one thing but the dot may make the word’s meaning totally different. Inflection is used often in the Arabic language just like it is in the English language. The word dance in Arabic is Raqs or Raks.

  • What elements are needed for proper dance posture?
    What elements are needed for proper dance posture?
    Loose knees Relaxed arms Feet hip width Tucked pelvis Lifted sternum

  • What is the difference between Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi?
    What is the difference between Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi?
    The Bharatnatyam is known to be a classical dance that stems from Tamil Nadu. The Kuchipudi comes from a different area called Andhra Pradesh. The Bharatnatyam is known to have more sculptured poses while the Kuchipudi is known to do more rounded poses. The Kuchipudi has the ability to replicate the desire of a lot of men in order to do what is best in order to unite with God. Take note that the different dances that are available usually mean something. Even the lip movements of these two dances are different from each other. Some say that the dances are based on the stories that the ancient people have experienced before.

  • What do you call a 180 degree turn on one leg?
    What do you call a 180 degree turn on one leg?
    It is not pirouette. It is soutenu. You would perform this at the barre, changing hands on the barre. Going from having your left hand on the barre to your right hand, 180 degrees. A pirouette is a 360 turn, with one leg in passe.

  • Which of the following dances did not influence the development of disco?
    Which of the following dances did not influence the development of disco?
    Disco came about in the 1960s and 1970s. Many teenagers and young people would go to the discotheques to dance the disco. This was a fast-paced type of dancing with the dancer moving their arms up and down and moving their feet very fast. Disco was influenced by other forms of dance including swing dance which is a fast partner dance which the male dance partner picks up the girl and swings her around. It was also influenced by mambo and cha-cha dancing. Even though these dances required partners, the disco didn’t necessarily require partners to dance to. The Waltz dance did not influence disco because the waltz dance is very slow and methodical with certain steps.

  • What does Dance Acheivers main idea?
    What does Dance Acheivers main idea?
    The main idea of Dance Achievers is letter C or dancing and exercising are helping cure heart disease. This idea had been widely accepted by many people especially through the shows Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. The National Dance Day encourages Americans to “embrace dance as a fun and positive way to maintain health and fight obesity”. When you are dancing, you can literally burn a lot of calories in an hour. With this information, sources have pointed out that dancing and exercising can help you improve your mood, but most importantly these two can help cure heart disease. Dancing is a good form of aerobic exercise and it is good for your health.

  • Which of the following dances is called the fan dance?
    Which of the following dances is called the fan dance?
    Rumba is a type of dance that takes place in Cuba and North America. Since the word “rumba” means “party,” it is not surprising that this is a fan dance. It is quite popular in Cuba and other areas of North America. The rumba requires a dance partner. Usually the woman will do particular distinct steps that draw attention to her. Some steps of the rumba can include picking up and twirling the female dance partner around on the floor. Before the rumba took place, people were in the ballroom dancing. When rumba came along, people thought that this was ballroom dancing with Cuban music. The rumba is closely associated with the music. Other countries and areas have a certain type of rumba that they do in their countries which may differ from the rumba in other countries.

  • How did many ancient dance movements evolve?
    How did many ancient dance movements evolve?
    In many ancient civilizations, culture played a huge role in survival and their daily activities. One in particular is the dance. Almost all civilizations would create dances for different reasons. Sometimes, there would be dancing during a religious ceremony. This would be done using common every day gestures. Usually before a ceremony, the dancers would practice. Other types of dancing found in ancient civilizations like Egypt, Mesopotamia and Aztecs were street dancing. This was done more impromptu but only poor people would dance in public. All other dancing was hired or performed in private. A Harem women would practice her dance and be trained for a long time before performing her dance in public at a Harem dance. Using their daily tasks, this would result in dancing.

  • How did missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands view Hula dancing?
    How did missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands view Hula dancing?
    Hula dancing is a type of dance done in Hawaii. There is a chant and song that goes with the dancing. Just as important as the dance is the costuming for the dance. Women wear a skirt or dress sometimes made of grass. Then men usually wear shorts. The women wear a crown of flowers in her hair and a lei around her neck. There is lots of training in order to become a hula dancer. In the 1800s, missionaries came to Hawaii and witnessed the hula dancing. They thought it was a disgrace and tried to ban this type of dancing in Hawaii especially in public. However, the Hawaiians continued to do the hula dancing behind closed doors. By the mid-1800s, people were allowed to hula dance in public again.

  • How do square dancers know which steps to perform?
    How do square dancers know which steps to perform?
    When someone goes to a square dance, they partner up with someone. As they are dancing, a person is telling everyone what to do. That may sound easy, but the music is also being played at the same time. The dancers must listen carefully or practice this square dance over and over again in order to know the steps. Even though the caller is telling you what to do, you will need to know what those steps mean. For example, “do-si-do” is a step that means to pass right around the square from shoulder to shoulder. In the square, there are four couples and each couple is standing next to their partner. Each couple is facing inward. Then the caller starts the steps.

  • How many dances are on the front cover of the magazine?
    How many dances are on the front cover of the magazine?
    There are many different categories of dances. In each category there are different dances. Some of the categories of dances include swing dance, ballroom dance, and street dance. These are three very different ways of dancing. Swing dance is very fast and is moved to very fast music. This is done in pairs. The ballroom dancing is also with a couple, but it doesn’t move as fast as the swing dance. The street dance can be fast and is usually done with one person dancing. Other different dances include folk dancing and a performance dance. A performance dance could be ballet which is a trained dance that is usually choreographed. Folk dance usually has a system of steps as in square dancing.

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