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Is there anybody who doesn’t love dancing or at least watching a dance? I bet not. Find out among other things why a lot of people love and enjoy dancing in the quiz below. Enjoy.

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Do you know what level you are in dance? Dance can be exciting, and when you let the music take control of you, your body can decide to show you just how flexible it can be. When was the last time you hit the dance floor, and...

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This quiz tests for dance terminology comprehension.

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2nd Quiz Dance Glossary and Dance Sense

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Types of dance quiz trivia. Dance is a method of expression of how music makes you feel—different types of music call for different dances. For example, salsa goes well with Latina or Spanish music, while break dancing goes...

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Do you love to tap dance?  Find out how much you know about the history of tap dance!

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Dance has never been this simple to learn! The Philippine Folk Dance Step is a complicated dance and which requires a lot of training. This quiz probes on the basics of the dance. Take it up and better your dance.

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A fun quiz to test your knowledge on Dance

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Do you know all the steps of Dance Crazes? Take this quiz and prove yourself!

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This is why I'm quitting dance. Take the quiz to see why. Don't get confused- just take it. Take it!

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Find out which Excel staff member you are most similar to.

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A quick quiz to check how much you can remember about the dances from the Baroque Suite that you need to know about for your listening exam (GCSE AQA).

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Love dancing? Even if you don't you can still take this quiz! Find out what dance you are most like! Your results may be surprising.....

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If you long to be able to dance, but never seem to get around to learning, perhaps it's time to be honest about what's holding you back. Is there such a thing as a person who simply can't dance, no matter what?...

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How much do you know about irish dance? all of my terms are the terms from Western Canada.

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This Final covers your four standards for this class: Standard 1: World Cultural Dance Standard 2: Global Dance Meanings Standard 3: International Artistry Standard 4: Worldwide Connections You may use your notes for...

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Love dancing? Even if you don't you can still take this quiz! Find out what dance you are most like.

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The Ultimate Challenging Quiz On Dance

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Slow dances are in most of the romantic movies and connect one to their partner. The dance is for two partners where they move slowly swaying to the music to a slow beat song. Having a successful slow dance is sure to get you...

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How big of dance champion are you?

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Dance Academy is an teen-oriented television drama when is in episodes which is narrated from perspective of a newly accepted first year student of National Academy of Dance. This movie was produced by Joana Werner and others in...

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A non-complicated quiz based on Dance

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