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"The nutcracker", "The swan lake", "Sleeping beauty"... Do they ring a bell to you? They are the grandest ballet dance acts of all time. Do you know where ballet dance originated? Ballet is considered as an artistic dance using precise steps and gestures. The dance moves are characterized by light and graceful movements. Do you know who the greatest ballerina is, ever?

She is known for her role in the Dying Swan. She was the first ballerina to tour ballet around the world. Ballet enthusiasts should know ballet movements like PLIE, RELEVE and SAUTE. They are French words because ballet itself comes from the French and was borrowed into English in the 1630s. If you think your mastery of ballet is so much, come dance your way through and answer our quiz.

See which famous ballet character you are most similar to! Whether your a beautiful and tragic Odette or Giselle, or a youthful energetic like Princess Aurora ( Sleeping Beauty ) well find out!

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  • Sample Question
    What dance style describes you MOST?

This quiz is to test your knowledge on classical ballet terminology and its definitions.  You must have 75% of the questions correct to pass.  You have 45 minutes to complete the assessment.

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  • Sample Question
    A plié is a bending movement of the...

Ballet to most people is seen as a rich people type of dance. Did you know that every time a dancer jumps on Pointe, three times her body weight is carried on the tip of her big toe? Just how much do you know about ballet?...

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  • Sample Question
    What is a Pointe shoe?

This quiz will test your knowledge of ballet and help you study if you are ballet level one or higher :)!

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  • Sample Question
    How many basic positions are there in ballet?

There are so many interesting facts about ballet. How much do you know the subject? If you are a ballerina or just a fan, then this quiz is for you. Get to learn more about ballet below.

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 109   |  Last updated: Apr 10, 2019
  • Sample Question
    When a ballerina dances "en pointe", what is she doing?

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Ballet Questions & Answers

What does degage mean?
Doesn't degage mean to disengage because I thought that that's what it meant
Is ballet competitive?
I think this is an opinion question... it could be any of them depending on who you are.
What is an allegro?
A passage or a movement in an allegro tempo(especially as a direction) at a brisk tempo