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A comprehensive database of more than 25 dancer quizzes online, test your knowledge with dancer quiz questions. Our online dancer trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top dancer quizzes.

If you are a dancer, know somebody who is, or have some dancing icons that you love to watch then prepare yourself to waltz through our dancer quizzes! Have you ever wondered about famous dancers, the health benefits of being a dancer, and the titles won by dancers?

Whether you adore a prima ballerina such as Anna Pavlova or your idol is Fred Astaire from the ballroom dancing world, learn more about these dazzling dancers by taking our quizzes!

Ever watched a dancing competition on the TV or been to a ballet or dancing show? Put your dancer knowledge to the test by answering questions such as, “Who is considered to be the mother of modern dance?” and, “When was ‘Romeo and Juliet’ first performed as a ballet?” Take your positions on the dance floor and get moving through our dancer quizzes!

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