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Do you want to work on your German skills a little? How about you try our Germany quizzes then? We have all sorts of questions about the country that gave us everything from classical artists to great scientists and fantastic football players. Don’t believe us?

Well then have a look at the sample questions we got here: In a ranking of world economies by nominal GDP, Germany occupies what spot? Germany was a founding member of the European community in what year? What was the year when the German reunification came into being? What is the highest mountain in Germany? Germany is a federal republic consisting of how many states? Answer everything about Germany and reach our list of top players.

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  • What do you do when a Work/School/Etc. meeting starts at 8:00 A.M.?

  • How often do you drink carbonated drinks?

  • What is the first thought to enter your mind when you see a Volkswagen advertisment. 

  • What is the Capital of Germany

  • How many varieties of beer does Germany produce?

  • Which of these is Germanys highest mountain?

  • When being introduced to Germans in a business setting you...
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  •   Your German co-worker has her office door closed. She...  
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  • When beginning a business meeting, what are appropriate conversation starters?
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  • In 1856, German know-it-all Karl Marx moved to Kentish Town. He remained a Londoner till his death in 1883. But where was he buried, with just 11 mourners?
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  • Where, today, can you find the German Embassy in London?
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  • Before the Second World War, the German Embassy was located on Carlton House Terrace, above the Mall. To this day, you can view the grave of the ambassadors dog, often referred to as a Nazi Alsatian. What was the name of the dog?
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