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Germany Questions & Answers

Should I go to Germany?
If you're traveling Europe and wondering if you should make your way to Germany, the answer is, "absolutely, YES!" Germany has celebrations and festivals year-round, from the Berlin Film Festival to Oktoberfest. Carnival Season takes place
What are there cons of living in Germany?
Yes, if you are not a self-sufficient person and rely on taxis, public transport to get around rather than your bike, and you need a craftsperson to put up your shelves, or fix your repairs, you will find this expensive. Other countries pay less for
Is living in Germany expensive? If so, how?
Like other western European countries, you can live expensively in Germany, but you don't have to hit the high life. It is possible to live quite well on a moderate income. Students find it much cheaper to study there, have accommodation, than in the
Which city is not in Germany?
The city which is not located in Germany is Bern. Munich, Dusseldorf and Freiburg are cities located within Germany. Munich has a total area of 310.7 square kilometers and a total population of more than 1 million people. It is the most populous city