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Ireland Questions and Answers

  • When did Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, live?
    Ireland question from

  • Which plant is an Irish symbol?
    Ireland question from

  • Which is the correct spelling of the famous Irish stout?
    Ireland question from

  • What do you want your antenatal appointments to be like?

  • How comfortable are you in unfamiliar territory?

  • How important is freedom to move around and to make choices in labour?

  • Which of these counties is the capital of Ireland
    Ireland question from

  • Name a county in the west of Ireland
    Ireland question from

  • How many counties are in the Republic of Ireland
    Ireland question from

  • What is the capital of the Republic of Ireland?
    Ireland question from

  • Who was the Irish writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1923?
    Ireland question from

  • Which English king established the penal code of 1695 forbidding Irish Catholics to practice their religion or law, own land, vote, or hold office?
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