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  • How does the Russian Diplomat boycott affect the tense international spectrum?
    How does the Russian Diplomat boycott affect the tense international spectrum?
    Theresa May must have been delighted by the huge response to the UK's publication of Russia's poisonings in Salisbury. Over 100 Russian diplomats have been ousted from a long list of countries. These and other measures against Moscow following the nerve agent attack in the U.K. makes Russia increasingly isolated amid global diplomatic expulsions. Australia followed by expelling two diplomats and adding that it could also boycott the World Cup in Russia. Russia has denied any involvement in the attack and put the two identified killers on their TV channel to state that they were only in Salisbury as tourists. The disbelief and ridicule that followed this has made Russia look foolish as well as dishonest and immoral. said the U.K. is "misleading" the world. When a country acts immorally it may be feared, but when it looks ridiculous its power is considerably lessened.

  • Which country owns the islands of Novaya Zemlya?
    Which country owns the islands of Novaya Zemlya?
    The country which owns Novaya Zemlya is Russia. It is archipelago within the Arctic Ocean in the northern part of Russia and the north-eastern part of Europe. It covers an area of 90,650 square kilometers and a population of more than 2,000 people. The temperature in this area can range as high as 30 degrees Celsius to as low as negative 40 degrees Celsius. Novaya Zemlya served different purposes in Russia, among of which was the nuclear testing site almost the entire time of the Cold War. The last known testing happened in 1990 when Greenpeace activists staged a protest at the different sites in the island so that nuclear testing would be stopped. Throughout the whole time the island was used as a nuclear testing site, there is a recorded 244 nuclear tests in the area.

  • What building in Moscow houses the Russian government?
    What building in Moscow houses the Russian government?
    Russian Gov has no white house. it is called the kremlin (Кремль)

  • What is the capital of Russia?
    What is the capital of Russia?
    Moscow is the capital of Russia. With over 13 million people living in Moscow, this city is known for politics, science, technology and history. Compared to other cities in this large country, Moscow is by far the biggest. Moskva River runs through Moscow. Being located so far north, the climate is quite cold. Summers are cool and winters are very cold with an abundance of snow. Orthodox Christianity is the prime religion in Russia. Due to Moscow’s strong history, there are many famous and popular architectural structures in Moscow including the Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Moscow Kremlin. Culture is also important to Moscow with art museums, the Moscow circus and ballet. They also have over 60 stadiums for different sports.

  • What is the capital of Russia?
    What is the capital of Russia?
    Russia’s capital city is Moscow which has about 13 million people living in the city district. During Moscow’s long history. Daniel I was the leader of Moscow in the early 1300s. Several other leaders ruled like Ivan III. He had the Kremlin constructed in the 14th century. Education is prominent in Moscow especially science education. There are almost 100 colleges in Moscow. It also has technical and medical universities in the city. Moscow is home to five major international airports plus nine terminals for the railway system. Other forms of local transportation include the bus and trolleys. As a matter of fact, Moscow owns the largest trolley system. A few famous people are from Moscow including Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Alexander Pushkin.

  • Where must the homeless go after 10 pm by law in Russia?
    Where must the homeless go after 10 pm by law in Russia?
    After 10pm homeless in Russia are supposed to get off the streets. The Russian law states that everyone is supposed to go their “homes”, which the homeless don’t have. It is impossible for the homeless to adhere to this law and therefore time and again they get arrested for that. They get state protection of a home at nights when they are arrested.

  • Who are they?
    Who are they?
    Sherloc holmes and Doctor Watson.

  • What is the population of Moscow?
    What is the population of Moscow?
    10 Million

  • What is the capitol of Russia?
    What is the capitol of Russia?

  • What percentage of Europe's population is in Russia?
    What percentage of Europe's population is in Russia?

  • Why is shipping difficult in Russia?
    Why is shipping difficult in Russia?
    Icy conditions.

  • What was the Cold War?
    What was the Cold War?
    A conflict between US and Russia for world influence without actually fighting each other.

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