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This one is a country that is very young compared to others and yet its people have millennia of history. Israel lies in a place where some of the major religions that can be found today have begun. Its cities are some of the oldest inhabited places in the world and some of them are sacred to people of different religions. But there is still so much to find out and we’re sure you would like to know more about Israel.

Now you can with our Israel trivia: What was the year when the country of Israel was formed? What was the name of the famous figure who was the primary founder and first prime minister of Israel? Answer these and more and reach first place.
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The Israeli and Arab Conflict can be traced back to the early 20th century and some people believe it all started with Israel declaring its independence. The conflict between the Arab countries and Israel was an international...

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    Therdore Herzel publishes Der Judenstaat, "The state of the joews" Calling for a Jewish state to resolve the growing problem of anti-Semitism. First Zionist Congress discusses plansto establish a jewish state in Palestine. Political Zionism begins.

Please take our quiz to test your knowledge of the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

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    What is the cause of the Israel-Palestine Conflict?

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    Jewish religious teachers are called ______________

Welcome to the Israeli Week Quiz!!! You will get to know Israel even better by answering a few fun trivia questions!

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    Which of the following is Kosher? (A) Prawn   (B) Ostrich   (C) Locust   (D) Zebra

If you take ANY test more than once, you will receive a "0" for a grade!

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    When people read from the Torah, they are reading from

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