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  • What is the national fruit of Spain?
    What is the national fruit of Spain?
    The national fruit of Spain is grapes. This is probably because Spain is abundant to a variety of native grapes which are commonly used to make wines. There are approximately over 400 varieties of grapes planted throughout Spain, but 80% of its production comes from 20 types of grapes such as Tempranillo, Monastrell, Palomino, Galicia, Parellada and Macabeo. Archeologists believe that grapes were first planted sometime between 4000 and 3000 BC long before the Phoenicians introduced their wine-growing culture to the world. Spain has a total area of 505,990 square kilometers and a population of more than 46 million people. Its flag symbolizes the red carnation flower and the coat of arms which has two crown-topped Pillars of Hercules and banners displaying their motto “Plus Ultra” that means “Further Beyond” in English.

  • Can you complete this sentence? One of the biggest differences in worldviews between the Aztecs and the Spanish was their attitudes about __________.
    Can you complete this sentence? One of the biggest differences in worldviews between the Aztecs and the Spanish was their attitudes about __________.
    Religion the spanish did not approveof the aztecs belief in the imprtance of human sacrifice

  • Cataluna
    It is actually Barcelona. Comunidad Valenciana is a Spanish autonomy whose capital is valencia

  • Were Spanish children highly educated but the Aztec children were not?
    Were Spanish children highly educated but the Aztec children were not?
    Read up on it they got education to it wasnt like everyday schooling though the lernt storing and dancing ect

  • Which continent includes Spain?
    Which continent includes Spain?
    The answer is letter C. The continent which includes Spain is Europe. Spain has a land area of 498,980 square kilometers and a water surface of 6,390 square kilometers with a total area of 505,370 square kilometers and the 52nd largest nation in terms of total area. It is situated in the continent of Europe together with some of the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, western portion of Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. According to several cited sources, Europe has the highest number of migrants from all over the world with an estimated 70 million people.

  • Which if the following animals cannot be found in any other European country except for Spain?
    Which if the following animals cannot be found in any other European country except for Spain?
    This answer D is wrong. Macaques are also found in Gibraltar!

  • The Spanish parliament, called the __________ could approve new legislation that it deemed to be in the best interest of the country.
    The Spanish parliament, called the __________ could approve new legislation that it deemed to be in the best interest of the country.
    Cortes was not the Spanish Parliament. This question does not make sense, please read it again.

  • What is the difference between Spain and Catalonia?
    What is the difference between Spain and Catalonia?
    Spain has fifty provinces, and one of them is Catalonia, and the municipality of Barcelona is its capital. Catalonia is an autonomous community, and it has its own distinct culture, language, and social activities. Catalonians speak a language that is not traditional Spanish. They speak Catalan, and most of the people in this province are bilingual, so they also speak Spanish. During governmental proceedings, Catalan is spoken to reinforce their independence; however, if you would visit this area, you would be able to discern the two different languages. Madrid is the capital of Spain, where architecture and culture are quite different. Madrid has a more modern style as opposed to Catalonia's more traditional flair. In Spain, there is an overall notion that it is the struggle for power that keeps them alive, kicking, and fighting. Bullfighting is their most popular pastime. In Catalonia, it is the importance of teamwork, which keeps them thriving, which is evident through the human building of castles. Catalonians are very hard workers, while the Spaniards are thrill and entertainment seekers. In Spain, the food is also much different from Catalonia. Spain and Madrid are known for paella and chorizo sausage, whereas Catalonian food is influenced by French cuisine, and because it is near the ocean, they pair meat and seafood together. Whichever area you choose to visit, there will be many beautiful and exciting things to experience.

  • What is the capital city of Spain?
    What is the capital city of Spain?
    (A) Madrid is the capital of Spain.

  • Why is Spain called the country of Fiestas?
    Why is Spain called the country of Fiestas?
    Spain is known for having a lot of festivals which is why they are called the country of fiestas. One of those fiestas is called the Semana Santa. This is a religious fiesta which is also known as Holy Week. People go to the streets and celebrate in costume the Holy Week. They also play music. The Pamplona Bull Run is probably the most popular and well-recognized because this is where people run with the bulls and hope not to get hurt. Similar to Mardi Gras, Spain also celebrates a fiesta similar to that called Carnival where everyone gets dressed up. Tomatina Tomato Fight is probably the messiest fiesta because this is a really big tomato fight in the streets with thousands of people throwing the red fruit at one another.

  • What languages are spoken in Spain?
    What languages are spoken in Spain?
    Spain is a country in Europe which is known for their citizens speaking Spanish. However, the Spanish that is spoken in Spain is different than the Spanish spoken in other countries like Mexico. The official language is Spanish and most people speak it in Spain. However, there are a few other languages based on the dialect and location of other areas. Plus, people who have migrated to Spain brought their language to Spain. In Catalonia, they speak Catalan. Others speak Galician, Basque and Occitan. Occitan and Catalan are spoken in Catalonia. Galician is spoken in Galicia. Basque is spoken in Navarre. Sometimes, the people who speak one of these regional languages also speaks Spanish. Catalan speakers make up 17 percent of the Spanish people.

  • What kind of government does Spain have?
    What kind of government does Spain have?
    Spain is a country that has a long history. Before the United States was even known to exist, Spain was sending explorers to discover this new land. Like years ago in history, many countries including Spain had kings and queens. Therefore, Spain has stayed with having a monarchy for its government. However, it has changed like other countries that had monarchies long ago and still have monarchies. The change includes either making it a constitutional monarchy or a parliamentary monarchy. This means that the kings and queens rule the country to an extent. They have certain rights and rules depending upon the country, but either a parliament or constitution also helps rule the country. In the case of Spain, they have a constitutional monarchy.

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