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Switzerland Questions & Answers

Is Switzerland the most beautiful country in Europe?
Switzerland is the most beautiful country in all of Europe and actually, in all of the world. It is overflowing with snow-capped, majestic mountains and rolling meadows and valleys too. There are old buildings that are amazing and turquoise lakes and
Are all Swiss really rich?
Swiss people are not rich. In fact, most are far from being wealthy. They struggle just like everyone else, for the most part. Sure, some have great wealth but the typical citizen does not. Many are poor or humble farmers making their way selling veg
What is Switzerland known for?
Switzerland is most known for its mountains and beauty. They are also known for their bank accounts where it is said you can basically hide money without being taxed. Neutrality in war is another thing Switzerland is famous for. But, the mountains an
What are the top-most beautiful cities in Switzerland?
The most beautiful cities in Switzerland are difficult to determine because the whole country is gorgeous. But, 200,000 visitors can't be wrong. Montreux is a breathtaking quiet town which is nestled on Lac Leman that's near Geneva. It has a bit more