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  • Is Switzerland the most beautiful country in Europe?
    Is Switzerland the most beautiful country in Europe?
    You can visit Switzerland at any time of the year but the best time to travel to Switzerland is between the months of April to June and from September to October. At this time of the year, the weather is at its best in the Country. July to August is also a good time to travel but the weather is hottest at this time of the year in Switzerland and there are many people visiting the country at this time of the year. December to March is the winter season, and there are intense snowstorms in most parts of the country. This makes this period not to be a good time to travel.

  • Are all Swiss really rich?
    Are all Swiss really rich?
    Swiss people are not rich. In fact, most are far from being wealthy. They struggle just like everyone else, for the most part. Sure, some have great wealth but the typical citizen does not. Many are poor or humble farmers making their way selling vegetables, chickens, and working the land in whatever way they can. Others work in the tourism industry which is often dependent upon getting tips to raise their hourly wage. Then, if you are a female, you will make considerably less than a male doing the same job at the same place you are. There is a huge gender pay gap in the land.

  • What is Switzerland known for?
    What is Switzerland known for?
    Switzerland is most known for its mountains and beauty. They are also known for their bank accounts where it is said you can basically hide money without being taxed. Neutrality in war is another thing Switzerland is famous for. But, the mountains and breathtaking beauty are what most know the country for. The mountains are some of the highest in the world and include the Swiss Alps. They usually are capped with snow most or all of the whole year. There are green valleys and rolling pastureland too which contrast quite nicely. The mountains offer endless entertainment like snow skiing and many enjoy taking the gondolas to get a closer view or the area and all its beauty.

  • What are the top-most beautiful cities in Switzerland?
    What are the top-most beautiful cities in Switzerland?
    The most beautiful cities in Switzerland are difficult to determine because the whole country is gorgeous. But, 200,000 visitors can't be wrong. Montreux is a breathtaking quiet town which is nestled on Lac Leman that's near Geneva. It has a bit more livelihood for two weeks out of the year when the Jazz Festival comes to town. Another very pretty city is actually a smaller town or village called Les Diablerets. There you can hail cable care and go all the way up to a glacier. If you love chocolate, you'll have to visit Geneva. It is beautiful as well and quite yummy, the chocolate capitol of the world in the opinion of most people.

  • What is Swiss cuisine?
    What is Swiss cuisine?
    Swiss cuisine generally consists of some of the country's favorite foods like cheese fondue which is bread crumbs dipped in melted cheese. Raclette is a cheese while that is slightly hard. Raclette is beloved in the country. The food is influenced by the German, French, and other ethnic groups but always have a Swiss flair about it. Potatoes are a favorite and cocktail gherkins are too. You can't leave out the Swiss' love for cream as in creamy soups and their adoration for chocolate as in Swiss chocolate and Swiss hot chocolate. Onions are a big staple in the country and so is macaroni. Whatever you get in Switzerland is sure to be yummy.

  • What things make Switzerland very expensive?
    What things make Switzerland very expensive?
    There are some things that make Switzerland expensive more so than other things. One of the most expensive things is beer. It costs around $8 just for one bottle or can of beer. Tea is outrageous too. Hotels are enormously expensive but even a bunk costs about $0 to $50 per night. Then, there are things can you can get deals on by using your miles rewards, like airfare and hotels and even eating out sometimes. Yes, food is another very expensive thing in Switzerland. But, it's a gorgeous country and well worth the expense in the eyes of many.

  • What language do people speak in Switzerland?
    What language do people speak in Switzerland?
    The language mostly used in Switzerland is a mix of four basic languages. French is very popular and so it German although it is more a Swiss German that is spoken usually. Also spoken are Italian and Romansh. Romansh is the only one that is not of equal status to the others but it is actually being spoken more and more. The others actually are official languages Of the Federal Administration of the Swiss Confederation. English is spoken some but it is mostly by tourists.

  • What is the population of Switzerland?
    What is the population of Switzerland?
    The population of Switzerland is 8.42 million. Actually, the exact number is 8,597,677 as of Friday, May 3, 2019 and that is solely going on the numbers derived from the estimates of the United Nations. The population in the country is equivalent to 0.11% when taking into account the total world population. In the list of countries, Switzerland ranks number 99 in the list of the most populated countries. It has a .71% growth rate and the death rate is 8.13 deaths/ per 1000 population.

  • What do women wear in Switzerland?
    What do women wear in Switzerland?
    In Switzerland, women wear basically what women wear in the United States and other developed, non-Muslim, countries. They wear jeans and shirts or sweaters and also dresses and shorts when the weather permits. They are famous for being beautiful so they usually dress the part. Some people think they wear Swiss dresses like in the movies like the Sound of Music but they don't. They dress normally. In the winter time, you will find women wear heavier clothes like sweaters and scarves and long sleeves. They wear heavy coats too. In the summer, light cotton shirts or tee shirts are in order. They wear shoes as the Western world women do - snow style boots in the winter and tennis shoes or sandals in the summer. The dress is not any different than modern females wear elsewhere. They are, as a rule, stylish but not like French women and not as formal as English women.

  • What is the crime rate in Switzerland?
    What is the crime rate in Switzerland?
    The crime rate in Switzerland in 2018, the last full year on record, is down or at least downward in nature. There were a total of 432,754 violations that were registered formally to the police and the registered on record by the police. Not all crimes are reported, however, and of those, not all are recorded onto the record by police so the total isn't exactly accurate. But, for the record, violations are down a total of 1.4 percent which is good. Whether the crime is really going down is difficult to determine but we can be fairly sure it is not going up. The crime that goes most unreported is those that are sexual in nature. Thefts are, on the other hand, sometimes faked for insurance money. So, as far as we know, the crime rate is down. That is a good thing.

  • How does Switzerland handle diplomatic relations so well?
    How does Switzerland handle diplomatic relations so well?
    The foreign policy strategy of the Swiss government for their 2012-2015 legislative period perhaps explains how they handle diplomatic solutions so well. Their strategy has four priorities: (1) maintain and develop relations with neighboring states with a special emphasis on border regions, (2) adjust and strengthen relations with the EU while safeguarding the Swiss scope of political and economic issues, (3) continue and adapt Swiss commitment to stability in Europe, in regions bordering Europe, and in the rest of the world, and (4) strengthen and diversify strategic partnerships outside of Europe as well as make a commitment to improving global governance and consistently promote Geneva as a location for international organizations and events.

  • Is Switzerland really very expensive to visit?
    Is Switzerland really very expensive to visit?
    Switzerland can certainly be expensive to visit but not if you do your homework and get deals on your vacation. For one, lodging can be outrageous in the upscale hotels, or, you can opt to stay in a hostel or Airbnb. You can pay full price for an airplane ticket there or go through a money-saving agency that will help save cost. You can also save up miles through rewards from your credit card and apply them to your airfare, hotel and even rental car. Taxis are expensive but you can use cheaper alternatives like Uber, mass transportation, and so forth. Look for bargain prices on the things you want to do there are the places you want to eat at. Switzerland is as expensive to visit as you want it to be. Getting the deals is in your hands.

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