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Nazi Germany was a historic period of time during the late 1930’s through the mid 1940’s when Adolf Hitler and his group of military/police forces oversaw the occupation of Europe and spread of their belief systems. Germany was facing tremendous difficulties and economic despair following the end of the First World War. The people were burning their money for fire, because it was worth more being burned to keep warm than it was to buy the wood for the fireplaces.

Adolf Hitler was their savior, the man who brought them out of their long term recession, but soon spread his hatred of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and the disabled throughout Germany and soon the rest of Europe. Do you know what famous designer worked directly for Hitler? The answer is Hugo Boss. If you know all about Nazi Germany, take one of our many quizzes online!

Germany is a history nerd’s best friend, given it has such a long and storied history in many different ways; whether it’s the country’s role in the first and second world wars, the Berlin Wall, the German...

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    What was East Germany's capital?

A quiz testing if you are a Nazi Germany History Buff.

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    Who commenced Operation Valkyrie and the 41st known attempt to kill Adolf Hitler?

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    A democratic constitution with the federal structure was established by a National Assembly met at

The fall of Weimar Democracy and Hitler's rise to power.

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Answer the questions regarding Nazi's.Use the presentation for help.

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    Who is Adolf Hitler?

Nazi Germany Questions & Answers

How many FIFA world cups has Germany won?
After 2014 they won it 4 times and they won 1954 1974 1990 and 2014
What was the name of Adolf Hitlers 16 foot thick concrete bunker in east Prussia?
Dragons Den Fuhrer Chamber Lions Land Wolfs LairA self-adopted nickname of Hitlers was Wolf, likely suggested by the derivation of his given name Adolf from the Old High German adal and wolf (noble wolf).
He was one of the smartest one?
This really is about a persons perspective, for example, I believe that Adolf Hitler was the smartest out of the 3 because the Jews were a waste of space, but that's just my opinion.
How did Hitler die?
1. Suicide