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Keep calm and answer every question. Victory is just a few clues away. Nobody saw it coming and it stormed the civilized world as we know it. We’re talking about World War 2 and our quizzes that will cover areas in all parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and even Pearl Harbor. Are you up for it, general? “When did World War 2 start?”, “What countries formed the Allies?”, “What year was Poland invaded?”, “What was the name for the Germans’ fast attack move?”.

Just a quick glimpse on all the historically relevant questions you’ll be facing. Start your campaign with the first obstacle and slowly advance to the last barricade. The eastern front is yours for the taking. Keep an eye out on your alliances. You never know who might turn to the other side..

The Second World War lasted from 1939 to 1945, and some argue it started in 1937 when Japan invaded China rather than when Germany invaded Poland. How much do you know about this war, and can you separate facts from fiction? Take...

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    What was the treaty that ended WWI that laid some of the unrest that would later explode into WWII?

The hard level difficulty of my WWII quizzes, designed for intermediate historians with some detailed knowledge of the subject. The basic quiz is designed for the average person, while the expert quiz is designed for serious...

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    The interim government in Germany between WWI and the rise of the Nazi party was known as

This is the expert version of the WWII quizzes, and it is intended for serious scholars of the subject. These questions are tough and require detailed knowledge. Read the questions carefully and answer. Questions are based on...

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    The German Invasion of the Soviet Union was brought about in order to fulfill the policy of

Germany and the Soviet Union built the best tanks of World War II. The Sherman tank was the most commonly used American tank in World War II with more than fifty thousand being produced. If your personality was to match a tank...

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    You are fast

There is no war that shook the world and helped unify it such as the World War 2. This war was won mainly because of dedicated fighter pilots and their planes. Which of the famous fighter planes do you think you would look good...

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    How Fast Are You (Or would like to be)?

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World War II Questions & Answers

What did the main Axis powers of WWII consist of?
USA, Soviet Union, Great Britain.. pretty much all Zionist countries during that time that went against Germany were the true Axis. Adolf Hitler = the most lied about man in history.
What was the treaty that ended WWI that laid some of the unrest that would later explode into WWII?
Treaty of VersaillesThe Treaty of Versailles ended WWI in 1918, imposing heavy reparations on the German people that fomented unrest that boiled over in the 1930s.
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II?
1. StalinJoseph Stalin was the premiere of the Soviet Union during WW2 through to the early 1950s.
When did Pearl Harbor occur?
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