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Do you know when World War 2 started? What countries formed the Allies? What year was Poland invaded? What was the name for the Germans’ fast attack move? Take the online World War II quizzes and test your awareness with thoughtfully created quiz questions.
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The Second World War lasted from 1939 to 1945, and some argue it started in 1937 when Japan invaded China rather than when Germany invaded Poland. How much do you know about this war, and can you separate facts from fiction? Take...

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    What was the treaty that ended WWI that laid some of the unrest that would later explode into WWII?

The hard level difficulty of my WWII quizzes, designed for intermediate historians with some detailed knowledge of the subject. The basic quiz is designed for the average person, while the expert quiz is designed for serious...

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    The interim government in Germany between WWI and the rise of the Nazi party was known as

This is the expert version of the WWII quizzes, and it is intended for serious scholars of the subject. These questions are tough and require detailed knowledge. Read the questions carefully and answer. Questions are based on...

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  • Sample Question
    The German Invasion of the Soviet Union was brought about in order to fulfill the policy of:

As a follow-up to the world-altering Great War which would soon become known as World War, the Second World War had an equally life-altering effect on the planet as some of the most powerful countries in the world went head to...

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    If you had to choose a leader what would they be?

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    Between what years did the war last?

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World War II Questions & Answers

What did the main Axis powers of WWII consist of?
The correct answer to this question is D, Germany, Italy, Japan. The Axis Powers alliance formed in 1936. These nations fought against the alliance of the Allied forces. The Axis Powers, also known as the Rome–Berlin–Tokyo Axis. It starte
What was the treaty that ended WWI that laid some of the unrest that would later explode into WWII?
The correct answer to this question is B, the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty was signed by the German leaders on June 28, 1919. The Treaty is made up of 15 parts and 440 articles. Though it is an important part of history, the United States does n
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II?
The correct answer to this question is C, Stalin. He, along with Adolf Hitler, made a number of historical decisions, which helped impact World War II. Before the War begins, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler signed the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact.
When did Pearl Harbor occur?
The correct answer to this question is C, December 7th, 1941. This attack came as a surprise to US forces and prompted their entrance into World War II. The attack was carried out by the Japanese forces. When the Japanese were planning the attack, th