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Throughout human history, war has always had its place, for better or for worse. Are you a history buff with an expertise in wartime facts? Then we’ve got some quizzes for you. From the Cold War to the Napoleonic Wars, from the War of 1812 to the Gulf War, and everything before, after and in between, we’ve got questions.

What was the deadliest war for US soldiers? What was “the war to end all wars”? What war ended in 1953? Where did the Enola Gay drop a bomb in World War II? What kind of gas was used in the trenches in World War I? How long did the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 last? What US war broke out in the same year the government first printed paper money? What two continents have never seen a major military conflict on their shores? In what war was the first jet plane shot down by another? Who was the King of England that Braveheart (William Wallace) fought against? What pope declared the first crusade? If you think you know the answers to these and more, put on your battle gear and try your best!

See if you would be a good soilder. hahahahaha.

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    When in a group assault of 6 men to take out two snipers in higher ground, you would take what two weapons? You would have no extra ammo or grenades they count as weapons

Answer the following questions the best you know how.

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    Spanish-American War was between which two countries?

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    Who was the King of England at the time of the Peasants Revolt?

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    Limiting the amount of certain goods that civilians can buy.

War and Revolution, 1914-1919 Section Quiz 16-4

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    Truce agreement

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War Questions & Answers

What is the difference between The Cold War And The Korean War?
The cold war was an ideological conflict. The United States symbolizes a government elected in a transparent, free, and fair election and the economy is built on a "Laissez Faire" market system. It regarded the whole world as a promising ma
What was the name of the group that conspired to assassinate Archduke Francis Ferdinand?
The group named Black Hand conspired to assassinate Archduke Francis Ferdinand, and they were a secret military society which formed in 1901 by officers in the army of the Serbian Army. They were best known for their conspiracy to assassinate the Ser
What is the difference between Cold War and Vietnam War?
The Vietnam War delineates the fight between communism and capitalism, and the battle of the Cold War. The Vietnam War was a smaller version of the Cold War throughout that time, and it was fought within the timeframe of the Cold War. The dates of th
What happened to German POW's of the war?
After WW2, there were 2,000,000 German prisoners or absent or dead on the Eastern Front. The Soviets reported they just held 850,000. That was a surprise to the Germans. As a matter of fact, NO nation treated the German POW according to the worldwid