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It is arguably among the first steps taken by humanity towards the developed societies that we have nowadays. The industrial revolution saw the introduction of some of the basic utilities of mankind and some of the most famous inventions. Up until then, people would not use anything else but their hands in crafting goods whereas at the end, machines were already becoming the standard.

Here are a few sample questions: What was the name of the great English inventor responsible for the perfection of the steam engine? What was the element that replaced wood as the primary fuel? What was the year when the spinning jenny was invented? So take a few minutes and answer these questions about one of the defining period in our history.
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The Industrial Revolution is the name given the movement in which machines changed people's way of life as well as their methods of manufacture. Wear your thinking caps and answer the following questions.  

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    What was the Industrial Revolution?

After you complete your notes/organizer for the text, use only your notes to take the quiz.  You may take the quiz only 2 times.    If you want to try the quiz again, add to your notes before you go back to the quiz. Print...

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    England passed laws to make sure the United States could not make the machines they had.  They didn't want competition with our country.  One man was able to get around these laws.  Which is NOT a way Samuel Slater managed to build England's machines in America?

This is the safety test for the Industrial Technology department at BEHS.

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    Eye protection, such as goggles, face shields, and safety glasses must be worn whenever there is a possiblity of an eye injury.


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    What was the Industrial Revolution?

Mastering the Content Circle the letter next to the best answer.

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    What was Jason Watt's contribution to industrialize in England?

Industrial Revolution Questions & Answers

How did cities grow by the millions?
3. Promise of available employment
Who is Richard Trevithick?
George Stephen invented the locomotive, Richard Invented the railroads
What were some of the companies that dominated the industrial economy of the late 1800s?
Some of the biggest companies that dominated the industrial economy in the 1800’s include Standard Oil Company (John D. Rockefeller), Carnegie Steel (Andrew Carnegie), New York Central Railroad Company (Cornelius Vanderbilt), and the banking
What are the effects of industrialization?
A question which uses process of elimination. It is very clear , as the factories weren't safe at all , however one could argue because of the factory act during the industrial revolution things changed. However the initial point was unsafe factories