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The French Revolution is a spectacular event in history that changed the country’s political and social structure. Got curious? What better way to know about this revolutionary movement than the online French Revolution quizzes? So, let’s get started.

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The French Revolution is one of the most influential events in world history. The revolution would go on to affect the history of France and the whole of Europe in an unprecedented way that no other event was ever able to. How...

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    The need for gunpowder and weapons led to:

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    The French National Assembly swore the Tennis Court Oath, which was

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    What type of government did France have prior to the Revolution?

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    What was the main cause of France's financial distress at this time?

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    The need for gunpowder and weapons led to

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French Revolution Questions & Answers

What did members of The Third Estate have before the revolution?
The third estate was written by Abbe Sieyes written before the French revolution. It was written in the January of 1789 and is political pamphlet, which influenced the population in a major manner. Before the revolution took place, the third estate h
What does the need for gunpowder and weapons led to?
The need for gunpowder and weapons led to the storming of the Bastille , which was seen as the symbol of despotism . The fall of the Bastille symbolized the fall of despotism . The French people stormed the Bastille to seize arms and weaponry which w
Who created the tennis court oath?
Actually, this isn't true. In fact, there were members of the First and Second Estates there. Of course, they just supported the fact that the Third Estate wasn't getting enough power. They were the National Assembly.
What did the Tennis Court Oath pledge?
In June of 1789, the third estate of France began to call themselves the national assembly. On the morning of June 20, the deputies were shocked to discover the chamber door locked and guarded by soldiers. They feared that an attack by the King was i