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  • Name one of the two countries who were willing to go to war with France to help Louis regan his power?
    Name one of the two countries who were willing to go to war with France to help Louis regan his power?

  • What did members of The Third Estate have before the revolution?
    What did members of The Third Estate have before the revolution?
    The third estate was written by Abbe Sieyes written before the French revolution. It was written in the January of 1789 and is political pamphlet, which influenced the population in a major manner. Before the revolution took place, the third estate had a he tax burden and little political power. After the revolution, however, there was major shift in power, giving the members of the third estate a large share of the power, smaller tax burdens and more political importance. This influenced the population, helping them establish their role in the community and had a great impact on the members of the third estate.

  • What does the need for gunpowder and weapons led to?
    What does the need for gunpowder and weapons led to?
    The need for gunpowder and weapons led to the storming of the Bastille , which was seen as the symbol of despotism . The fall of the Bastille symbolized the fall of despotism . The French people stormed the Bastille to seize arms and weaponry which would help them in their stream of violence throughout the course of the revolution.

  • Who created the tennis court oath?
    Who created the tennis court oath?
    Actually, this isn't true. In fact, there were members of the First and Second Estates there. Of course, they just supported the fact that the Third Estate wasn't getting enough power. They were the National Assembly.

  • What did the Tennis Court Oath pledge?
    What did the Tennis Court Oath pledge?
    In June of 1789, the third estate of France began to call themselves the national assembly. On the morning of June 20, the deputies were shocked to discover the chamber door locked and guarded by soldiers. They feared that an attack by the King was imminent. The deputies congregated in a nearby indoor court in the St. Louis district of the city of Versailles, near the palace. The third estate took a collective oath not to separate, and to reassemble whenever circumstances allowed until the constitution of the kingdom was enacted. It was a dramatic act of defiance by representatives of the non-privileged classes of the French nation.

  • What was the 'White Terror'?
    What was the 'White Terror'?
    In 1794 the civil riots were largely quelled, the people had perhaps enjoyed sufficient bloodshed, seen enough royals and royalists guillotined. The terror of the last few years seemed pointless and ruthless Robespierre was not popular, his law making too harsh.   He was executed himself. Within days, that situation had encouraged the few royalists left alive. In the west and in the southeast, a royalist “White Terror” broke out. Royalists tried to seize power in Paris but Napolean's army crushed them and the riot did not last long. Napolean's strength was too great for everyone for he had led with good example and inspiration. The royalists failed in their bid to return to power.

  • What was the Ancien Regime?
    What was the Ancien Regime?
    Ancien regime (means old order) was the political and social system of the Kingdom of France prior to the French Revolution in 1787.   It was in effect from the late middle Ages (circa 15th century) until the later part of the 18th century. Under the Ancien regime, everyone was a subject of the King of France as well as a member of an estate and province. The Ancien regime divided the society into three estates: the First estate (clergy), the Second estate (nobility), and the Third estate (commoners) and the King was part of no estate.

  • Why was there a War in the Vendee?
    Why was there a War in the Vendee?
    The war in Vendee lasted for a period of three years (1793 – 1796). There were many reasons for the war in Vendee but the major reasons were rising land taxes, the execution of Louis XVI, the expansion of the revolutionary war, the national government’s attack on the church and the introduction of conscription.   The uprising started small but it escalated quickly. The trigger point was the execution of Louis XVI. The government’s response was swift and it triggered a war in the region. The fight for country lasted for about three years with violence and mass killing.

  • Why was there Dechristianisation in France during the Revolution?
    Why was there Dechristianisation in France during the Revolution?
    There was dechristianisation in France during the French Revolution because of the state of the church. It began with attack on church corruption and the wealth of the higher clergy. During the two year period – 1793 to 1794, anti – clericalism grew more violent than any modern European history.   Church authorities were suppressed, the catholic monarchy was abolished and nationalized church property was suppressed. Thousands of priests were exiled and hundreds of them were killed. The Christian calendar was also replaced with one starting from the date of Revolution and festivals of Liberty. The public reclaimed the power, massive amount of land and money held by the Catholic Church in France.

  • What were the biggest mistakes made by Louis XVI?
    What were the biggest mistakes made by Louis XVI?
    King Louis XVI failed to handle and control the politics of France like the past monarchs did. He didn’t pay attention the quarrels of prominent political and financial individuals in government. He sent funds to support the American Revolution which eventually put France in a huge debt.   The revocation of the Edict of Nates was another costly mistake he made, the protestant had no choice other than to convert or leave the country. His failed to prevent the mass departure of Protestants from France, the protestant had prominent roles in the economy, when they left France’s economy suffered greatly. He allied himself with the aristocrats that had fled France and let people that the French people disliked support him. Louis XIV and his family fled during the storming of Bastille, this made the people know that he is not trustworthy. He wanted to retain the old regime so he could have power and the support of the nobles. His actions lead to the beginning of the French revolution.

  • Why was the Directorate government so weak?
    Why was the Directorate government so weak?
    In 1789 the National Assembly was the first goverment established in France. The other three governments of the French Revolution were the legislative assembly, the first republic and the directory. The latter ran for four years, 1795-99. It is not surprising that these bodies ran through great difficulties: the country had been run by a rapacious monarchy for generations. On the positive side, the directory set a successful constitutional plebiscite and a general amnesty for political prisoners. Then the 2/3rds rule enfuriated the nobles who had assumed they would return to some power legally. Their uprising was quickly put down as were attacks by communist elements. Free elections were not possible because of the directory's insistence on barring royalists. It was really the financial disarray that finished the directorate. It destroyed the good, such as public assistance pensions and free public schooling and strained loyalties, but popularity finally disappeared when the directory interfered with the citizens established way of life with its rules, particularly over the way Sundays were to be enjoyed (or endured).

  • Why did King Louis XVI call a meeting of Estate-General?
    Why did King Louis XVI call a meeting of Estate-General?
    This happened in the year 1789. King Louis XVI decided that he would push through with the meeting of Estates General. This did not occur out of the blue. This was carefully planned because King Louis XVI is aware of the government’s financial problems. The plan was to have only one vote for every estate. There are only 3 estates that are available that are composed of the nobles, the clergy, and the commoners. It is evident that there were only a few people in the nobles and clergy. At that time, the third estate, wherein the majority of the people are categorized wanted to have more votes. They have done things in order to achieve the democracy that they have always wanted.

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