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Do you know how the American Revolution began? What was the French revolution? What parties were involved? Challenge yourself with these online revolution quizzes to pit your wits and learn trivia.
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How prepared are you for the exposition

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    Who was the leader of the revolution?

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    Which heading best completes the partial outline below? I. _________________________________ A. Cities B. Complex government C. Job specialization D. Writing system 

The Age of Revolution is the period from approximately 1774 to 1849 in which a number of significant revolutionary movements occurred in many parts of Europe and the Americas. The period is noted for the change in government...

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    What is evolution?

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    Why did the Germans come to the American colonies?

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    Which method would you use to revolve the region about x-axis?

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Revolution Questions & Answers

Why was there such a strong hate for Catholicism in the leaders of the Revolution?
There was strong hate for Catholicism in the leaders of the Revolution because the Catholic Church represented what they hated. At that time, the leaders of Revolution were against the leadership and monarchy at the time. The aristocracy, the rich an
What were the consequences of the British and American victory in the French and Indian Wars?
One consequence of the British and American victory in the French and Indian War was that a new spirit of independence arose, as the French threat disappeared. The American didn't adopt several French customs. At the end of the war, the British took
What were some of the companies that dominated the industrial economy of the late 1800s?
Some of the biggest companies that dominated the industrial economy in the 1800’s include Standard Oil Company (John D. Rockefeller), Carnegie Steel (Andrew Carnegie), New York Central Railroad Company (Cornelius Vanderbilt), and the banking
Which major movement in European history started with the idea expressed in the following statement?
The correct answer to this question is Protestant Reformation, which was a 16th century Western Christianity movement. This movement occurred in Europe. The Protestant Reformation started in 1517 with Martin Luther's "Ninety-Five Theses", w
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