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If some day, people with blue eyes would declare war on people with green eyes, and people with brown eyes, in order for the firsts to take control of a certain region inside the state, where they may move and live happily ever after, it would be called a civil war, regardless of how absurd their reason might sound.

And the interesting facts about civil war do not stop there! Take these quizzes on civil war and find out things like: “What age was the youngest soldier that ever fought in a civil war?”, “On average, how long did a civil war soldier marched every day?”, “Who was the first woman to ever be awarded the medal of honor in connection with a civil war?”, and “Who was the bloodiest general that lead troupes in the civil war?”

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    What was the conflict over states rights between the North and the South?

This is a practice test for civil service aspirants

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    A vitamin requires cobalt for its activity.The vitamin is


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    General who is given credit for winning the Battle of Bull Run/Battle of Manassas.

This practice test is to help the student test their knowledge on the causes of the Civil War.This quiz will not count as an actual grade.

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    CHOOSE THE OPTION THAT IS CORRECT.Who was the president of the Confederate States of America?

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    The population of the United States in 1860 was approximately:

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Civil War Questions & Answers

What was the conflict over states rights between the North and the South?
A. the union had more states and believed that they had more power
Why was there a Korean Civil War?
The Korean civil war began in June of 1950 when the North Korean army attacked South Korea by crossing the 38th parallel, the artificial dividing line that separated the north from the south. North Korea claimed they were attacking in response to an
How does the soldier feel about the cause he is fighting for?
The answer to this question is letter B. He is confident that it is JUST (worthy or right) cause to be fighting for. There are a lot of soldiers who join the war not because they were forced to do so or because they felt that they have nothing better
How many countries were engaged in Civil Wars?
There are at least sixteen countries engaged in wars now in the year 2018. While not all these countries are technically not engaged in civil war, they are all certainly involved in war. These countries are, in order by the number of conflict relate