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Do you know which event triggered World War I? How much was the final number of casualties? Which empires ended with World War I? Take these online World War I quizzes to test yourself and learn as you play.
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    What were the main reasons for the first world war?  

This is a practice quiz for CHC 2D Unit II World War I

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    Who was Canada's Prime Minister during World War I?

A quiz about 1st. world war. sbhdfbsjabvfgjkøbfjhbfgvjhbvfg

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    1. Hva var Europas urolige hjørne?

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    How long did World War 1 go for?

Just a quiz to help people for World War I. Includes from start to end.

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    The Triple Alliance consisted of:

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World War I Questions & Answers

When did World War I start and end?
The first world war started in 1914 with the assassination of the Austrian archduke by a man of Serbian ethnicity, which gave the Austro-Hungarian empire a valid reason to start the conflict, which it was looking for in order to expand its borders. T
Can you name one non-major battles of WWI?
The Battle of Antietam is not a battle from the second world war, or as it’s more commonly known: World War II. It’s actually a battle from the American Civil War. The Battle of Antietam happened near a creek called Antietam Creek. The ba
What was the Schliefen Plan?
The Schlieffen Plan was an attack plan. It was formulated Germany, but it wasn’t put into action until troops from Russia were mobilized along the border of Germany, attacking Germany. The attack was meant to put France on the spot and take dow
Why was the Balkan region referred to as the "Powder Keg of Europe" prior to World War I?
The powder keg of Europe also commonly known as the Balkan powder keg was the name given to Balkans. This was in the 20th century before there was World War 1. This Balkan keg consisted of many Balkan states together, originally from Austria-Hungary.
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