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"Since the dawn of time, man...."Wait, what? Come on...get real. History has a way of repeating itself does it not? Nations such as the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, British, Germans and French have all made it into the history books. I'm sure you know about them. However, what of the Sythians, Persians, Zulus, Mayans, Mauri and Amazonians? How much do you think you know?

Do you know who invented the abacus? What about who invented the chariot? Think you're a history boffin? Think you can answer questions like "Who was the first king of England?", "Who overthrew the Persian empire" or "When was the Mayan calendar first carved? If so, then prepare to take a step back into the pages of history. Will you go down in history as the one with the answers, or will history repeat itself with you like countless others before you?

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