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Are you ready to do the "Egyptian"? No, it’s not about the dance! We're talking about Egyptian History here. How well do you know the land of Cleopatra? Have you been to this beautiful country? From Ancient Egypt to the Modern times, walk through time and discover the mystique that is Egypt. What are some of the famous architectural landmarks in Egyptian land?

Do you know some of its most prominent figures from the past? Which countries share a history with Egypt? How did this country come to be? Check out our quizzes and find out how much you really know about Egyptian past! Are you ready for the quizzes on the "Land of the Nile"? Scale the pyramids as you explore our quizzes on "Egyptian History".
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When you think of historic kings, Gods and goddesses Egypt is one of the countries that will most definitely cross your mind. One of the most powerful gods according to the Egyptians is Amun-Ra. Do you know all the gods worshiped...

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  • Sample Question
    What is the god of the sun called?

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    The ancient Egyptians built many roads alongside the river Nile.

Select the best answer to each question. When finished, review any missed questions.

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    Why is King Tut one of the most well-known pharaohs?

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    What type of religion was practiced by the ancient Egyptians?

How well do you know the Egyptian Pharoahs? Find out more with this brief quiz.

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    The largest pyramid in Giza was consructed during the reign of what pharoah?