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They built some of the most impressive landmarks on the face of Earth. They were highly educated in a number of domains, gave the world some mind-boggling inventions and worshiped their leaders in a way human kind has never experienced before. Quizzes on ancient Egypt start right now and are filled with lots of exploring and intriguing artifacts. What was the name of Tutankhamen’s father?

How big is the largest of the 3 pyramids, the pyramid of Giza? Did the Egyptians have any encounters with the Romans? When was Tutankhamen’s tomb discovered? What’s the timeline of the Twentieth Dynasty? Carry on archaeologist, dig deeper and uncover clues that will help solve our puzzle. You’ll most definitely make it in the history books with this achievement.

Answer the following questions. When you finish, if you are happy with your score, print out the grades certificate at the end and bring it to class for your grade. If you are not satisfied with this score, retake the...

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    Also known as Menes, this man unified Upper and Lower Egypt to form the Old Kingdom.     

Do You Know Who Is Your Egyptian God And Goddess Parent? Young ones tend following in the footsteps of their parents and share a lot of similarities with them. If you are the child of a god or goddess, who would your parent is...

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    Light or dark?

This quiz will help you review for the Unit 9 Test and for RAP 5! Be sure to look at the explanations for the questions you miss!

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    Who was the ancient Egyptian god of the Underworld?

Egypt is a country in North African that is credited for the pyramids. The Ancient Egyptians were played a major role in the bible, as we know it and were great mathematicians and scientists. Did you know that they used bread...

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    Also known as Menes, this man unified Upper and Lower Egypt to form the Old Kingdom.     

The pyramids are the most recognizable symbol of ancient Egypt. Even though other civilizations, such as the Maya or the Chinese, also employed this form, the pyramid in the modern day is synonymous in most people's...

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    True of False: The workers built their own tombs?

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Ancient Egypt Questions & Answers

What were some famous dishes of Ancient Egypt?
Ancient Egyptians had their meals from the crops they produced. They grew mostly grains. The main crops grown were wheat and barley. The wheat was made into bread and barley into beer.Both the rich and poor ate from their major staples which were bre
What age was Ramses II when he was the captin of the army?
He must of been really old something like in his late hundreds so ill say 999
How would you describe the organization of ancient Egypt?
The correct answer to this question is C, social heirarchy and theocracy. Ancient Egypt's society was very organized. In the beginning, the society started with the upper and lower class people. As time went on, the middle class emerged. The highest
Which pharaoh ordered this building to be constructed as his or her tomb?
The pyramid in the picture belongs to Khafre not Khufu