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What a lot of people do not know is that ancient Rome actually started out as a small town in Italy’s Tibet River. As more and more people became part of the empire, it started to grow. During its peak, its empire reached many continents. If you would check out some of the online quizzes, you will probably learn more about ancient Rome. You can test your knowledge about the things that you have learned before and you can also gain more facts that you are willing to share with other people.

The ancient Romans are known to have created a lot of structures. They are good at building things that can last for a long period of time. In fact, there are still some ruins that are available that people can check right now. Their civilization thrived for a long time.

The Roman Empire was considered one of the most populated when it was at its peak and this is because it comprises 12% of the world’s population. Sometimes the Romans would flood the whole Coliseum for a boat battle and...

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    What percent of the Roman population were plebians?

This quiz is about ancient rome.

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    What is the term used for taking a periodic count of people living in an area?

In Ancient Rome the people were allowed to express their opinion in public gatherings. The ancient Romans were inventors and are credited for devises that have been modified through time. Give the quiz below a try and see...

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    Which empire did Rome fight in the Punic Wars?

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    Rome's first code of laws was the_______________________.

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    The story of Romulus and Remus showed that the Romans valued.

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Ancient Rome Questions & Answers

What was the teaching of Jesus in Rome called?
I put Bible for this question but it didnt give me my points.
What percent of the Roman population were plebians?
Today, the population within a country includes different groups of people based on their socioeconomic status. There is the upper class which has the richest people in it. There is the middle class which includes the working class and usually includ
What is the Roman Forum?
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Why do we not know very much about the Etruscans?
Well u cant understand its language dummy so obviously im right ur wrong omg